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Former Super Junior member Han Geng’s recent interview with YouTube channel “PhoenixTV”

Former Super Junior member Han Geng’s recent interview with YouTube channel “PhoenixTV”.

Han Geng said in a recent interview with YouTube channel “PhoenixTV” that he graduated from school at the age of 17 and signed an exclusive contract with SM. At the time, his parents worked every day to pay for his education despite their poor family background. He thought he would make money if he became famous, so he went to SM.

“As I signed the contract, I thought it was the only option I had,” Han Geng said. “My father said things like, ‘I sold my child,'” he said.

Before Han Geng debuted as a member of Super Junior, he went through life as a trainee.

“I had no choice but to practice desperately. I had a very good overall practice system,” he said. “It can be exhausting and miserable. It’s just that the management is strict.”

As soon as he debuted in Super Junior, he gained great popularity. “I looked more like a celebrity,” he confessed. “I didn’t look like myself anymore. I lost myself.”

On the other hand, K-pop fans responded, “He became popular thanks to Super Junior, but I wish he would stop being ‘SM Pal’.” Some fans were surprised to see him entering middle age.

Han Geng filed a lawsuit to invalidate the exclusive contract against SM, claiming unreasonable income distribution. He has since left the team and returned to his hometown, China, where he has been working as an actor. In 2019, he married Chinese-American actress Celina Jade and his daughter was born in 2022.


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