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It seems that the fight between Park Soo-hong and his brother Park Mo is going to continue longer

It seems that the fight between Park Soo-hong and his brother Park Mo is going to continue longer. Despite fighting fiercely for three years, the outcome is nothing but disappointing.

On the 14th, the 11th Criminal Agreement Division of the Ulsan District Court (Chief Judge Bae Sung-joong) sentenced Park Soo-hong’s brother, Park Mo, who was indicted on charges of violating the Act on Special Economic Crimes (embezzlement), to two years in prison. However, his sister-in-law was acquitted.

The court found Park Mo guilty of embezzling a total of 20 billion won, 7 billion won from the entertainment planning agency Lael and 13 billion won from Media Boom, that he operated. However, he was acquitted of using the funds for personal purposes. The accusation of purchasing a commercial building and repaying loan debts with the money from the company was deemed difficult to prove because the ownership of the building was transferred to the company’s name.

Furthermore, the court found it difficult to determine that approximately 100 million won, including attorney fees and apartment management fees, was used solely for personal purposes. Moreover, while the prosecution indicted him for 1.9 billion won, the court only acknowledged 700 million won as the amount he was guilty of, citing insufficient evidence and unclear usage.

In response, Park Soo-hong’s side announced that they would appeal shortly after the verdict was announced. Their legal representative stated, “Through the first trial, it has been clearly proven that Mr. Park, who is a relative, is guilty. Additionally, this can be seen as a verdict directly acknowledging Mr. Park Soo-hong’s justified complaints, and the judiciary has recognized this.” They further expressed their hope that while it cannot erase all of Park Soo-hong’s pain, they hope the defendant will sincerely repent after paying the penalty.

However, regarding the sentencing, they stated, “There are still many aspects to be disputed,” adding, “Especially, regarding the intention to destroy Park Soo-hong’s life, they plan to continue the long fight against the sister-in-law who provided false information to the deceased Kim Yong-ho, leading to malicious false broadcasts, and numerous malicious commenters and YouTubers who spread false information indiscriminately for their own benefit.”

After three long years of struggle, not only Park Soo-hong but also the public are deeply angered. As the lengthy battle comes to an end, can Park Soo-hong obtain the verdict he desires? The public’s attention is focused on this matter.

Author Nat.O
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