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Itzy’s Ryujin and Lia: “Our JYP personality scores weren’t good, we thought we’d get expelled”

In a recent episode of the show ‘THE PSICK SHOW,’ ITZY‘s Ryujin and Lia candidly discussed their experiences with personality evaluations during their time as trainees at JYP Entertainment.

During the episode, the hosts asked about the unique management methods at JYP, to which Ryujin responded, “I think both mentally and physically, it seemed healthy while being with many JYP artists. Do you have a special way of managing yourselves at JYP?”

Kim Min-soo added, “I heard that trainees receive personality education,” prompting Ryujin to explain, “We receive personality education about once every two weeks. Trainees have a curriculum that includes a demerit system. We were evaluated in singing, dancing, and personality simultaneously.”

She continued, “I wasn’t exceptionally outstanding. I was always in the middle. I’m the type of person who expresses her opinions well, so my personality score wasn’t that high.”

When Lia was asked if she ever thought she might be expelled due to demerits, she replied, “I thought I might get cut due to the number of demerits.”

Ryujin chimed in, saying, “I felt the same way.”

They recalled an incident where they received demerits for bringing food into the vocal practice room, which was against the rules.

When asked who had the highest personality score among them, Ryujin mentioned, “Yeji?” Lia then asked, “But weren’t you in the upper ranks too?” To which Ryujin replied, “I was always in the lower or middle ranks.”

Lia added humorously, “We were classmates.”

ITZY, the group that Ryujin and Lia belong to, made their comeback with a new mini-album titled ‘KILL MY DOUBT’ on July 31st.

Watch the full clip below!


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