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IU donates 300 million won to medical and welfare vulnerable groups on debut anniversary

On September 18th, IU (EDAM Entertainment’s artist) celebrated her debut anniversary by spreading positive influence.

According to her agency, EDAM Entertainment, on the 18th, “IU donated a total of 300 million won to Seoul Asan Hospital, the Korea Child Welfare Association, and Seoul Children’s Hospital under the name ‘IUANA,’ a combination of her own name and official fan club name.”

Among the donated funds, the portion allocated to Asan Hospital will be used to support economically vulnerable youth and women cancer patients who are in the blind spot of medical welfare. The funds donated to the Korea Child Welfare Association will be used for environmental improvement projects at child welfare facilities across the country that were affected by the typhoon. Finally, Seoul Children’s Hospital will use the funds to support medical expenses for underprivileged individuals and to remodel development centers for a better treatment environment.

IU previously donated to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, a child welfare specialized organization, on Children’s Day in May and contributed to collecting funds for heating coal for low-income and vulnerable populations in Yangpyeong County, Gyeonggi Province, in January. Additionally, IU has been continuously involved in charitable activities since her debut, ensuring that those in need receive help when and where it’s needed. The fan club, “IUANA,” has also contributed to the cycle of giving back to the community.

IU expressed her gratitude, stating, “Thanks to ‘IUANAs,’ who have always supported me wholeheartedly, I am genuinely happy to be able to participate in sharing warmth with society. As IUANA, we have created memories together, and I have gained significant strength from these precious experiences. Just as I have received invaluable love from you all, I believe I can be a small starting point for someone else. Thanks to IUANA, I am always learning to be thankful. I love you. See you soon.”

Since her debut album “Lost And Found” in 2008, IU has consistently released hit songs with each album, from her most recent mini-album “Pieces” in 2021, solidifying her position as an artist loved by people of all ages and genders. She has also expanded her career into acting, starring in various dramas such as “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” “My Mister,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and “Broker,” building a diverse filmography.

Currently, IU is busy filming the drama “Snowdrop” but continues her special activities for her 15th debut anniversary this year. She successfully held the media art exhibition “Moment,” from July 21st to August 20th, and on the 13th, she released a recording of “IU Concert: The Golden Hour,” where she attracted nearly 90,000 viewers to the Olympic main stadium, breaking the record for the first Korean female solo artist to perform at an Olympic main stadium. On the 23rd and 24th, IU will hold the [2023 IU Fan Concert ‘I+UN1VER5E’] at the Seoul KSPO DOME for two days.


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