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IU expresses concerns over eye injury and puffy cheeks during “Dream” filming, BTS footage revealed

Popular singer and actress IU recently shared behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of her latest movie “Dream.” In the video, IU discussed her experience on set, including her concerns about eye injuries and puffy cheeks.

Although IU was able to film most of her scenes without any issues, she revealed that she experienced eye pain due to the strong ultraviolet rays in Hungary, where some of the filming took place. “The sunlight is so strong that my eyes hurt. I think I may have damaged my cornea. Now I understand why people are advised to wear sunglasses when they go overseas,” she said.

IU also shared her worries about her appearance during the filming of “Dream.” She expressed concerns that her puffy cheeks might make her look older than her actual age, and that it might be noticeable in the film. “This movie contains scenes from when I was 28, 29, and 30 years old. I’m worried that my puffy cheeks will make me look older than I actually am, and that it might ruin the final cut,” she said.

Despite her concerns, IU remained optimistic about the filming process and praised her co-stars and crew for their hard work. “I had a great time filming this movie. I feel like I’ve become closer to everyone on set,” she said.

“Dream” is a film about a former soccer player named Yoon Hong-dae, played by Park Seo-joon, and a lackluster PD named Lee So-min, played by IU. The two team up with homeless athletes to compete in the Homeless World Cup.

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