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IU has revealed her fan feelings towards STAYC’s Sieun

IU has revealed her fan feelings towards StayC’s Sieun.

IU expressed on the 18th, “You’re doing well.. Wow.. Wow, pro.. So cute.. Are you a rabbit..?” She added, “If a cute person wears glasses, they become even cuter.”

In a video released together this time, STAYC‘s Sieun is seen participating in the challenge for IU’s new mini-album’s double title track “Hole”. Sieun’s loveliness shines through.

She also evoked warm feelings by looking delighted at the heartwarming scene.

Meanwhile, “Hole” is a track with a unique composition based on hip-hop/R&B. Over a solid drum & bass foundation, her voice takes on various roles, sometimes as a flexible R&B singer, sometimes as a sharp rapper, and sometimes as playful as singing a nursery rhyme. This song reunites her with composers Lee Jong-hoon and Lee Chae-gyu, who created hits like “Good Day”, “Twenty-three”, and “Blooming”. Especially, she participated in the lyrics writing alone.


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