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IU revealed that Park Myung-soo continues to apologize for the ‘cold noodle incident’ that happened 14 years ago.

IU revealed that broadcaster Park Myung-soo continues to apologize for the ‘cold noodle incident’ that happened 14 years ago. Park Myung-soo has expressed his remorse to IU several times on broadcasts.

On the 17th, a video titled “It’s an Excuse to Get Through Winter” was released on the YouTube channel ‘Ddeun Ddeun’, where Yoo Jae-suk, IU, and Yang Se-chan talked.

Yoo Jae-suk mentioned “When you think of IU, you think of the first meeting between Park Myung-soo and IU,” referring to ‘cold noodles’.

He said, “When IU arrived, Park Myung-soo said, ‘Bring Jessica, bring Jessica.’ But I remember IU’s eyes at that moment. She didn’t react at all. Even though it was a joke by Myung-soo, she didn’t get embarrassed. I thought, ‘This friend is extraordinary.'”

To this, IU said, “Park Myung-soo still apologizes for that incident. He does it every time we meet.” She revealed, “Recently, Park Myung-soo called me. He hardly ever calls, but when he answered, he said, ‘Why are you calling?’ The reason for the call was that when I make a comeback, instead of ‘Excuses’ or ‘Shindongyeop,’ I should invite ‘Hal Myung-soo.'”

Previously, in 2010, Park Myung-soo and IU performed together on the ‘cold noodle’ stage at the ‘Jisan Valley Rock Festival.’ Although the original performers were Park Myung-soo and Jessica, Jessica couldn’t make it due to her schedule, so IU, who was gaining attention at the time, replaced Jessica. However, Park Myung-soo made a rude remark to IU, and afterward, when IU achieved great success, Park Myung-soo continued to mistreat her on broadcasts, expressing his regret several times.

Yoo Jae-suk also revealed the first meeting episode of Park Myung-soo and IU on MBC’s “Yoo Quiz” last year. At that time, Yoo Jae-suk and Haha revealed the story of Park Myung-soo and IU’s first meeting. Because IU remade ‘Autumn Morning’ as a fall song, which is the opening song of “Infinite Challenge”.

Yoo Jae-suk explained about the first meeting of Park Myung-soo and IU, saying, “Jessica, who sang ‘Cold Noodles’ together for Park Myung-soo’s participation in the rock festival at that time, couldn’t come, so IU appeared.” He said, “When Park Myung-soo asked IU, ‘Who are you?’ IU introduced herself not in a conceited way but as ‘IU, a rookie singer.'”

Although the first meeting of the two was not pleasant, afterward, Park Myung-soo, who stood on the same stage as IU in 2015 when IU became a top singer, received much love when he presented ‘Leon’ at MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ ‘Youngdong Expressway Music Festival.’

Park Myung-soo often expressed his regret on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”. In 2016, he recalled, “I remember five years ago when I held a guerrilla concert at Jisan with Muse. A female singer who was going to sing a duet with me came. She was IU. She said, ‘Hello,’ when I said, ‘Who are you?’ It was when I was angry because of the subtitles at that time.” He reminisced, “I wish I had done better at that time. Whenever I hear that song, I remember that time.”

Even in 2017, Park Myung-soo mentioned the ‘cold noodle incident’ on the radio show and said, “I remember competing with Muse at the rock festival in the past. I also sang ‘Time is Running Out.’ Of course, Muse doesn’t know this fact.”

At that time, Park Myung-soo, who stood on the same stage with IU, said, “I sang ‘Cold Noodles’ at that time, but Jessica couldn’t come, so IU came instead. I said to IU, ‘Who are you? Okay, quickly finish and leave.’ I remember that I should have treated her better at that time.” He continued, “You never know what people will become. You should always be kind to them. Then, they will treat you well later,” bringing a smile.

Especially on February 11th during the Lunar New Year holidays, Park Myung-soo received a question from a listener on the radio show, “Did IU send you a New Year’s gift this year?” Park Myung-soo revealed, “This year too, my IU sent me a high-quality beef gift,” drawing attention.

Watch the episode below!


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