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Jiyeon shares the heartwarming story of IU’s wedding gift: A pearl-embedded tiara”

On the 26th, a video titled “Behind the Wedding EP.2” was posted on the YouTube channel ‘지연 JIYEON.’

On this day, while watching the wedding video side by side with Jiyeon, Hwang Jae-kyun said, “I want to have a daughter who looks just like me,” to which Jiyeon replied, “My dad said, ‘Why don’t you care about your daughter’s life?'” Jiyeon said, “Both of them seemed very happy. You could see it from their faces.” Hwang Jae-kyun said, “We were happy.”

At first, Hwang Jae-kyun said, “Jiyeon told me not to buy a proposal ring. It’s expensive and she doesn’t like it. She said she wouldn’t wear it. So we decided not to buy it and just do the wedding band.”

Hwang Jae-kyun said, “I was looking for a wedding band, and Jiyeon said, ‘I found a good wedding band in Jongno.’ I said, ‘Let’s get married in a good place. She doesn’t seem to wear it even if I buy an expensive one.” “So I said I would do it, and I got Tiffany.” “I wanted to do something nice and pretty. I wanted to do something nice for my heart.” Jiyeon smiled and said, “Thank you very much.”

The wedding song was sung by T-ara members, Lee Hong-gi, IU, and others.

Jiyeon said, “When I set the wedding date, I talked to Ji-eun (IU) about it. I told her about it a year ago, and she said, ‘Why are you talking about marriage a year ago?'” She continued, “She took out her schedule in advance on that day.” She said, “I didn’t want to cry at first, so I asked her to dance.” “I told her I’d like it more if I opened it and wore it as a bride.”

Jiyeon added, “Ji-eun gave me a gift. I received it before it started, but I didn’t open it because I wasn’t in the right mind.” “I was surprised when I opened it later. I thought it would have been more meaningful if I had worn it and entered as a bride.” She said, “I was very sorry. Since my birthstone is pearl, she made a tiara with pearls.” She also expressed her gratitude to IU, saying, “I’m so touched that I have a friend who thinks this much.”


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