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IU’s agency addresses unauthorized ticket transaction issue and promises amicable resolution

IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, addresses unauthorized ticket transaction issue and promises amicable resolution

On the 3rd, IU‘s agency EDAM Entertainment posted an official statement titled ‘Position Statement on Issues Related to Unauthorized Ticket Transactions for the 2024 IU H.E.R. WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL’ on IU’s official fan cafe.

IU’s agency stated, “Regarding the unauthorized ticket transaction issue for IU’s 2024 Seoul concert, we have received all relevant information from Melon Ticket regarding the recent online post made by a fan. We apologize for the delay in our response as both our agency and Melon Ticket’s performance team have been undergoing a thorough process to confirm the accuracy of the contents of the post.”

Previously, it was reported that a blogger, A, received an email from Melon Ticket questioning the validity of the ticket purchase for IU’s concert, which led to dissatisfaction among K-pop fans.

In an effort to clarify the situation, A provided various pieces of evidence, including identification, ticket payment receipts, official fan club card, and conversations with a friend who assisted with ticketing, and even received a text confirming attendance at the concert.

However, despite explaining on-site that “the ticket was purchased by a friend,” A was ultimately denied entry to the concert for allegedly engaging in proxy ticketing and did not receive a refund, leading to A filing for consumer protection relief with the Korea Consumer Agency.

A’s demands include a full refund of the concert ticket, fan club membership fee, round-trip transportation costs on the concert day, and light stick purchase.

IU’s agency has been praised for its rigorous enforcement of the ‘Undercover Agent System’ aimed at cracking down on unauthorized ticket reservations. However, this incident exposed flaws in the ‘Undercover Agent System,’ leading to significant criticism.

In response, IU’s agency expressed a deep sense of responsibility, stating, “The ‘Undercover Agent System’ was introduced by our agency and Melon Ticket’s performance team to further prevent unauthorized transactions. We sincerely apologize if this incident caused discomfort from the initial response to this announcement.”

Furthermore, IU’s agency vowed to make efforts to swiftly reach an amicable resolution. They promised to handle the Korea Consumer Agency’s request with the utmost sincerity. Additionally, they apologized to all fans who experienced discomfort during the concert ticket reservation process.

They emphasized, “No agency staff or venue personnel transferred tickets to acquaintances. To prevent such misunderstandings, we have the physical ticket of the actual seat on the concert day. Our agency has been consistently providing detailed information on identifying unauthorized ticket transactions through reservation sites and official channels. During the process of verification and response on-site, our staff strictly followed internal guidelines, which are not applicable to this situation.”

They continued, “We acknowledge and consider the suggestions from fans regarding concert ticket reservations. We accept constructive criticism of the ‘Undercover Agent System,’ including relaxing verification procedures for audience members not subject to youth certificate issuance criteria, providing guidelines for proof procedures, improving Melon Ticket’s customer service response, and revising the ‘Undercover Agent System’ to better serve fans.”

Finally, they concluded, “As this is a matter that requires careful consideration to prevent further harm, we seek your understanding that it may be difficult to announce improvement plans in a short period. We will collectively brainstorm and resolve these issues together with our agency, Melon Ticket, and the performance team. We will do our utmost to prevent such incidents from recurring.”


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