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IVE achieves 1st place on SBS “Inkigayo” despite the end of their activities: 3rd triumph win

IVE continues to demonstrate hot popularity by securing 1st place on SBS “Inkigayo” even after concluding their activities.

According to their agency, Starship Entertainment, IVE claimed the 1st place on the SBS “Inkigayo” broadcast on the 12th with the title track “Baddie” from their album “IVE MINE.”

Despite officially concluding their activities after the “Inkigayo” broadcast on the 29th of last month, IVE, who was still a candidate for the 1st place, once again achieved a reverse climb to the top with “Baddie,” proving the ongoing success of their popularity.

Previously, they won 1st place with “Baddie” on MBC M’s “Show! Champion” and Mnet’s “M Countdown,” and on “Inkigayo,” they secured the 1st place with one of the triple title tracks, “Either Way.” By winning the 1st place trophy again with ‘Baddie,’ they have now achieved a quadruple crown with ‘IVE MINE.’

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IVE expressed gratitude through their agency, stating, “Even though our activities have ended, we are thankful for the continued love for ‘Baddie.'” They added, “We think we were able to achieve 1st place on ‘Inkigayo’ thanks to the generous support from DIVE (official fan club). Always thankful and love you.”

‘IVE MINE’ is an album that maintains its message of self-confidence while showcasing diverse attempts that defy all predictions. Especially with the triple title tracks, they presented different styles and moods, arousing interest and conveying an infinitely expanded message of their diverse images.

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Through the title track “Baddie,” they delivered a hip and intense charm, captivating the hearts of global fans with their unique appeal. As evidence, “Baddie” continues to maintain a steady rise on various major music streaming sites’ main charts, securing a top position.

IVE will hold their first world tour, ‘IVE THE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘SHOW WHAT I HAVE,” at K-ARENA Yokohama in Japan on the 15th and 16th.


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