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Jang Min-ho and Lee Sang-yeop’s enchanting collaboration with moist eyes on “Fun-Staurant”

Singer Jang Min-ho and actor Lee Sang-yeop are coming together with moist eyes

For the special 200th episode of ‘Fun-Staurant,’ Trot’s original national deer brother, Jang Min-ho, appears as a special MC. Next, the master of melo, Lee Sang-yeop, who is no less in anyone’s eyes when it comes to eye contact, throws his hat in as a rookie chef. It is expected that the moist eyes of both will bring laughter to the scene.

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In a recent recording of ‘Fun-Staurant,’ MC Boom, the ruler of the MC world, introduced Jang Min-ho as “a man with warm eyes.”

Jang Min-ho greeted with a playful manner, saying, “I’m the original national deer brother.” Then, with a subtle eye contact, he promoted his new songs, ‘We Were Young Then’ and the nationwide tour of ‘Hoshizel Land,’ making everyone burst into laughter.

For the 200th special episode, Chef Lee Sang-yeop appeared. Lee Sang-yeop, a charming actor who captivates women’s hearts with his exciting melo eyes, entered. In response, MC Boom, the ruler of the MC world, threw a surprise question to Jang Min-ho, saying, “His eyes are getting more and more moist. How about when you see the No.1 deer?”

Jang Min-ho, looking at Lee Sang-yeop with a gentle gaze, said, “It’s definitely moist. Deer acknowledged.” Then, the two men with moist eyes exchanged glances and brought laughter.

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On this day, the original deer brother, Jang Min-ho, actively participated as a special MC, showing various aspects and leading the recording site of ‘Playlist’ 200th episode with a warm commentary on various dishes of the chefs and warm empathy for the various stories of the chefs.

Meanwhile, the 200th special episode of ‘Fun-Staurant’ is scheduled to be broadcast at 9:50 p.m. (KST) after the live broadcast of the third game of the professional baseball Korean Series on this day.


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