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Jay Park’s show-stopping moment at Hip-Hop Playa Festival

Jay Park, a renowned singer, was captured in a video meticulously collecting bras that were thrown at him by female fans during one of his performances in South Korea.

The shared video is from the ‘Hip-Hop Playa Festival’ that took place in April at the Han River Nanji Park. During the event, Jay Park passionately performed one of his signature songs, “MOMMAE,” much to the delight and cheer of his fans.

While performing “MOMMAE”, Jay Park took off his shirt and showcased a seductive dance, revealing his chiseled abs. This steamy display led a few female fans to spontaneously remove their bras and toss them onstage, generating quite a sensation.

Reacting to this, Jay approached the bras thrown on the stage.

To the surprise of many, Jay Park meticulously collected each of the bras and, in a playful move, draped them around his neck as if they were medals. He then continued with his performance.

The video of Jay with bras around his neck has spread widely across YouTube and various online communities, gaining even more attention.

On a related note, it’s no secret that Jay Park often receives a deluge of lingerie from female fans during his shows. His reactions and actions to such gestures always become the talk of the town.


Author joyce.editor
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