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Jessi reveals she quit smoking and tanning, planning to freeze eggs for motherhood

On the 14th, singer Jessi shared her recent plans to freeze her eggs, expressing her desire to have a child.

Jessi appeared as a guest on the YouTube web entertainment show “DdeunDdeun,” alongside comedian Yoo Jaesuk and actress Oh Nara, with whom she previously collaborated on the tvN variety program “Six Sense.”

During the show, Jessi revealed her dedication to maintaining her health, including quitting smoking.

When asked what Yoo Jaesuk and Oh Nara do during their breaks, Jessi hesitated for a moment before stating, “I quit vaping and even quit smoking at the beginning of the year.” Yoo Jaesuk and Oh Nara were pleasantly surprised, noting the improvement in Jessi’s complexion.

Jessi continued by saying, “I’ve also stopped tanning recently. I’ve become paler. Now, I want to focus more on my work rather than my appearance.” She added, “In the past, I used to get my nails done and spend five hours on self-care. Now, I just apply nail tips and trim my bangs.”

In response, Yoo Jaesuk commented that Jessi now gives off a vibe similar to her debut days as Jessi-Ka H.O.

Furthermore, Jessi surprised everyone by expressing her desire to have a child, saying, “I want to have a baby. So, I’m planning to freeze my eggs. My friends all have kids. I haven’t done it yet because I don’t have time, but I’m looking into it.” Oh Nara advised, “Since you’re in the best physical condition now, freeze your eggs right away.”


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