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Ji Chang-wook talks on-screen chemistry and Experience with “Worst of Evil” Cast

In an interview conducted after the conclusion of Disney+ original series “Worst of Evil,” actor Ji Chang-wook shared his thoughts on his on-screen chemistry with fellow cast members Wi Ha-jun, Im Se-mi, and Kim Hyung-seo.

Regarding the relationship between Jun-mo and Ki-cheol, Ji Chang-wook stated, “The director may have had a certain artistic intention, but personally, while acting, I didn’t aim for friendship or bromance. I didn’t put in extra effort to express those. For Jun-mo, Ki-cheol is someone he must catch without question. To justify actions that a police officer shouldn’t do, he needed to catch him. It was a matter of slight empathy and pity as a human being. I didn’t think of them having the same past. For Jun-mo, Ki-cheol is a goal, someone he must catch. To justify his actions, he had to bring the investigation to a close.”

Wi Ha-jun previously mentioned that he learned a lot from Ji Chang-wook. In response, Ji Chang-wook said, “It feels like I didn’t teach him anything, but he said that, which made me grateful. We’ve been watching each other closely for a long time while working on the project together. When I saw Ha-jun working so hard and recognized his strengths, it made me feel jealous as an actor. We had many discussions and debates while working together to create something better. It was a pleasure on set. Ha-jun would work so hard that even I, as his senior, couldn’t compete, which made me feel embarrassed.”

He continued, “We’ve never had a conversation about acting, and we didn’t take it seriously. We would joke with the staff, laugh, and chat. Building camaraderie is very important. Ha-jun also told me that he had such a great time working on ‘The Worst Villain.’ He even said that it was the most enjoyable project he’d ever done. It was great that he praised the project to that extent. I don’t think there’s anything I can teach him as a senior or an older brother, but as co-workers, it’s great to hear such comments.”

When asked about calling Wi Ha-jun “cute” often, Ji Chang-wook replied, “He looks sophisticated but is playful. He enjoys jokes and makes them frequently. He teases more than you might expect. Seeing that, I find him cute.”

As for his on-screen chemistry with Im Se-mi, who played his wife, Ji Chang-wook shared, “The newlywed home looked artistically unique. It was oddly beautiful. It had a strange, fascinating atmosphere. We visited that place, and it felt strange. Her assistance was a significant help. There weren’t many confrontational scenes between Semmi and me in the drama, so that distance and tenderness were very helpful. As there weren’t many confrontational scenes, there was an added phone conversation scene later. We reflected on that.”

Ji Chang-wook and Kim Hyung-seo (Vivi) delivered intense kissing scenes in the series. Ji Chang-wook commented, “I didn’t find it too difficult when we were shooting. Actually, wouldn’t it be awkward? The mood and intensity were deeper than in the works I’ve done before. I wondered how to handle it, as a senior actor, to avoid making it awkward. However, if I had to see it from the character’s perspective, I was in a comfortable position, so it was easier for me. I think director created a comfortable atmosphere so it wasn’t awkward. He also relaxed during rehearsals, and I’m grateful for that. It didn’t seem like he was too nervous. You can probably tell by watching the scene, but he was proactive. So, that’s why I thought it turned out well.”

When asked about his chemistry with Kim Hyung-seo, who doesn’t have much acting experience, Ji Chang-wook praised, “Veteran actors sometimes naturally show habitual breaths and movements in their acting, which is something we can’t avoid. Even if we try to change, we sometimes can’t help but let them out. However, Hyung-seo didn’t have any of that. When we faced each other to act, it felt really fresh and new. She had a diverse range of expressions and was good at it. It’s easy to say that I thought her expression was great. So, I thought a lot about those things.”

Lastly, Ji Chang-wook noted that characters beyond Jun-mo, Seung-ho, and others also had their unique charms. He said, “I was curious how I would have portrayed Ki-cheol if I had played that character. I wondered how I would have portrayed Ui-jeong. Perhaps I would have depicted them more boldly, adding a touch of eccentricity. I would have played around more. However, Haeyeon’s character is so solid that it’s unimaginable. I had to think about these things a lot.”

Найгірше зло / The Worst of Evil (6/12) - Світ Дорам


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