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Resilience unveiled: Ji Soo clears his name after allegations of school violence

Ji Soo, who disappeared from the public eye amid allegations of school violence, has clarified the situation after two years.

On the 23rd, Ji Soo revealed that many rumors and false information about allegations of school violence, sexual harassment, and more had spread and become widely accepted as facts. He shared this statement with Sports Chosun.

Ji Soo mentioned that he has reconciled with the initial accuser who raised allegations of school violence against him two years ago. He expressed the desire to correct the unbelievable stories that had been circulating. He said, “I hope that the unbelievable stories are corrected.”

Regarding the reason for not immediately clearing up the rumors, Ji Soo explained, “At the time, my drama was airing. I should have quickly apologized and stepped down. I enlisted (in the military) already with an arrest warrant issued. I couldn’t clear my name before enlisting.”

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In March 2021, allegations arose that Ji Soo had been a school bully during his middle school days, with one netizen claiming to have been bullied by him. Subsequently, allegations of sexual assault were also raised against him. At the time, Ji Soo denied the allegations, but the controversy persisted. As a result, he left the KBS2 drama ‘River Where the Moon Rises,’ and his exclusive contract with his agency was terminated.

Four months later, his legal representative stated, “We have filed a complaint against the creators of the initial post, as well as those who wrote comments, for defamation with false information.” Both the original accuser, A, and comment writer B were not prosecuted. Ji Soo continued to plead his innocence through an appeal and supplementary request.

He has now revealed that he reconciled with A, the original accuser, and they have cleared up misunderstandings. However, he acknowledged having been friends with school friends who engaged in bad behavior and expressed his intention to apologize to others as well.

As of now, Ji Soo has no plans to make a comeback. His side clarified that he will not be conducting interviews to facilitate a return to the industry.

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Born in 1993, Ji Soo made his debut as an actor in 2015 through the MBC drama ‘Angry Mom.’ He went on to appear in various dramas, including JTBC’s ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,’ SBS’s ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,’ and MBC’s ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful.’

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