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Jo In-sung and Park Seon-young swiftly dispel marriage rumors: Baseless speculation comes to an end

In the midst of swirling rumors that actor Jo In-sung and former SBS announcer Park Seon-young were to get married, Jo In-sung’s side swiftly clarified the situation, bringing it to an end. The public’s reaction to the marriage rumors of these two individuals was quite astonishing.

On the 15th, a message started rapidly circulating through social media claiming, “Actor Jo In-sung and SBS announcer Park Seon-young are planning to get married.” As it’s common in the entertainment industry to announce marriages without prior dating speculations, fans and the general public became keenly interested in whether this news was true.

There was indeed some connection between Jo In-sung and Park Seon-young. Jo In-sung appeared as a guest on SBS Radio’s ‘Park Seon-young’s Cinema Town’ in 2016 when Park Seon-young was active as an announcer.

However, they never actually met. During that time, Park Seon-young was away for two weeks due to the Rio Olympics, and actor Bae Sung-woo filled in as a special DJ in her place. Jo In-sung, who had worked together on the movie ‘The King,’ appeared as a guest to support Bae Sung-woo but did not meet Park Seon-young.

Jo In-sung’s appearance as a guest on ‘Park Seon-young’s Cinema Town’ during Bae Sung-woo’s special DJ stint was the extent of their interaction, and there was no personal relationship between them.

As a result, the rumors of Jo In-sung and Park Seon-young’s marriage were baseless. On this day, a representative from Jo In-sung’s side told OSEN, “Jo In-sung is currently busy filming director Na Hong-jin’s movie ‘Hope’ overseas. There are no truths to the dating or marriage rumors with announcer Park Seon-young. This circulating message contains incorrect information.”

Furthermore, a representative from Park Seon-young’s agency also told OSEN, “She is currently traveling with her family, which delayed confirming her stance. However, after speaking directly with her, it’s confirmed that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors of her marriage with Jo In-sung.”

Thus, the unfounded and peculiar marriage rumors surrounding Jo In-sung and Park Seon-young have been resolved as a mere happening.


Author Nat.O
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