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Jung Dong-won’s father in conflict over trot singer contract amidst prison sentence

Jung Dong-won’s father has been revealed to be in conflict with a trot singer over an exclusive contract while serving time in prison.

Jung Dong-won was reportedly shocked to learn belatedly that his father is incarcerated in prison.

His father and trot singer A had signed an exclusive contract, but trust was broken shortly after the contract was signed.

Subsequently, A has been seeking to terminate the exclusive contract, but the termination has not yet been finalized due to the inability to contact his father, who is in prison. It is reported that A is experiencing difficulties in their activities as a result.

His father has occasionally appeared on broadcasts alongside his son, who gained stardom through TV Chosun’s “Mr. Trot”. However, the sudden news of his father being in prison has greatly shocked viewers and fans of Jung Dong-won.

Amidst his mental distress, A cautiously asked him, “Can you reach your father?” to which Jung Dong-won replied, “I can’t reach him either.” However, it was not until later that A learned of the news regarding Jung Dong-won’s father, and it is reported that A is worried about the shock Jung Dong-won will receive. Furthermore, it is reported that A and Jung Dong-won are in conflict, and the fact that his father is imprisoned has not been mentioned at all.

Although he was aware that he could not contact his father, it was reported that he did not pay much attention to it as they lived separately and he was busy with his activities. However, it is reported that he has been suffering and feeling distressed after learning about the legal dispute involving his father and his father’s imprisonment.

His agency, Showplay Entertainment, stated that he was unaware of the conflict between his father and the trot singer, as well as his father’s imprisonment.

The agency said, “Jung Dong-won had no knowledge of this matter” and “he is going through a very difficult time emotionally.”

Furthermore, they requested understanding, stating, “This incident is a personal matter related to Jung Dong-won’s father, whom he cannot contact, and it is difficult to clarify further positions. We kindly ask to refrain from any malicious criticism towards Jung Dong-won, who is still a minor.”

Recently, he has been showcasing his musical talents as both a trot singer and a dance singer under the persona of JD1. However, amidst the noise surrounding his father’s situation, fans’ sympathy for him is growing.


Author Nat.O
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