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Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Ho-yeon mentioned essential conditions for maintaining their 9 years strong relationship

Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Ho-yeon, who have been in a relationship for 9 years, mentioned essential conditions for maintaining a long-term relationship.

On the 13th, the 42nd episode of “Ping Go,” featuring Jung Ho-yeon, was released on the “Ddeun Ddeun” channel.

Jung Ho-yeon mentioned, “I don’t go out much at home, so I watch a lot of YouTube. Since I watched a lot of content featuring seniors, ‘Ping Go’ kept appearing on the algorithm,” showing her affection for Yu Jae-seok.

She then asked Yu Jae-seok, “Do you go on many dates these days?” Yu Jae-seok replied, “It may sound like an excuse, but taking care of the kids makes it not easy,” opening up about his situation. Hearing this, Jung Ho-yeon laughed and said, “It’s said that long-term couples should even force themselves to go on dates. I heard this from various places. I know a lot of superficial knowledge from watching various contents.”

This episode drew even more attention as they have been a long-standing couple in the entertainment industry, continuing their relationship for 9 years since 2015.

Meanwhile, she delivered impressive acting in the 2021 Netflix series “Squid Game” and recently made a special appearance in the Netflix series “Chick Fight.”


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