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Jung Yoo-mi addressed the dating rumors involving Lee Seo-jin

On the 23rd, actress Jung Yoo-mi appeared on the tvN variety program ‘You Quiz on the Block’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘You Quiz’).

On this day, regarding the increase in stories of her sightings at sports stadiums, Jung Yoo-mi explained, “I had a lot of free time. I thought about what I could do for fun and started attending games. Even if you don’t know the rules, the energy from cheering is tremendous.” She revealed the reason she started attending games and how she enjoyed the atmosphere.

Recently, Jung Yoo-mi was caught in the dating rumors with actor Lee Seo-jin, as they were spotted together at an NBA game in the United States.

During the broadcast, Jung Yoo-mi also mentioned this and explained, “Coincidentally, oppa (referring to Lee Seo-jin) was in LA as well. He got tickets and even wore a t-shirt that said ‘decided to break up’ and proudly showed it off.”

She continued, “After the dating rumor articles came out, there were reactions like ‘they’re not really dating’ and ‘look at this expression.’ Choi Woo-sik and Park Seo-jun teased me a lot about it,” adding the responses she received after the dating rumors.

Yu Jae-suk questioned, “The expression isn’t one of a couple. Do you remember what you were talking about?” Jung Yoo-mi explained, “There were many celebrities from the past, and Seo-jin oppa would point and say, ‘that’s so-and-so.’ It was really fun. That’s why the photos turned out like that.”

Subsequently, the broadcast also included Lee Seo-jin’s clarification about this matter. Lee Seo-jin commented on the photos, saying, “At that time, many famous people were there. Yoo-mi didn’t even know the band ‘Kiss.’ I didn’t force her to come to the game. Yoo-mi wanted to go, so I took her. Yoo-mi doesn’t pay attention to other people’s conversations.”

He mentioned that he plans to take Jung Yoo-mi to the games often in the future and expressed, “At first, when I didn’t know Yoo-mi, I thought she was a bit strange. But now, I see her in a positive light. She feels like a younger sister. Although the photos were only of basketball, we also watched football together.”

He also showed his affection, saying, “Lately, every time I see Yoo-mi, she seems to get hurt. I hope she doesn’t get hurt and takes care of herself.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yoo-mi, who has been active for six years on ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ and ‘Seo-jin’s Place’ alongside Lee Seo-jin, said, “I can make all the dishes there. If I start something, I do it wholeheartedly. There was a time when I was really into cooking.”


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