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JYP Entertainment’s ‘Nizi Project’ Season 2 is set to be revealed

The first episode of ‘Nizi Project’ Season 2, which will launch JYP’s new boy group, will be broadcast globally on July 21 at 10 p.m. through JYP’s official YouTube channel. In Japan, it will be premiered on the online video platform Hulu.

Prior to the official broadcast, on July 18, JYP uploaded a video titled ‘[Nizi Project Season 2] Part #1 Highlights’ on their official YouTube channel, raising expectations for the project. Park Jin-young, JYP’s Chief Creative Officer (CCO), personally met with the contestants for ‘Nizi Project’ and showcased his discerning judgment, arousing curiosity from viewers both domestic and international.

In the video, Park Jin-young warmly greeted, “It’s been a while. I’m back.” He praised the contestants, saying, “Your confidence makes you pass,” “You’re overflowing with star quality,” but at the same time, he also delivered critiques like, “You don’t seem to dance well. Your basics are lacking.” The JYP trainees who challenged ‘Nizi Project’ Season 2 also appeared one by one, heightening curiosity for the main show.

On the morning of the 19th, Japan’s terrestrial TV station Nippon TV’s ‘Day Day.’ shed light on Nizi Project’s success and previewed the first episode of ‘Nizi Project’ Season 2. Scenes of auditions were slightly revealed, featuring Yoo (16) who participated in the audition with a strong determination even after losing her beloved grandfather the day before, Takato (17) who expressed deep affection for her mother who raised her alone, and Tomoya (16) who came to Korea at the age of 13 and trained as a JYP trainee for 2 years and 7 months. After this special broadcast, keywords related to ‘Nizi Project’ Season 2 climbed up the local SNS trend rankings, garnering heated reactions even before the official broadcast.

JYP started the audition project ‘Nizi Project’ in February 2019 after signing a business agreement with Japan’s largest music company Sony Music. With the know-how of Park Jin-young, a representative K-pop producer, and the systematic system of JYP that has produced several K-pop groups, the girl group NiziU was born, establishing itself as a mega girl group locally from pre-debut to the present with outstanding achievements and popularity.

In ‘Nizi Project’ Season 2, a new boy group following the ‘Nizi Syndrome’ will be formed, and the process leading up to their debut will be shown. This global audition was held in a total of 11 cities, from Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Sapporo, Okinawa, Tokyo, Sendai, Kobe, to New York, Los Angeles, and Seoul. Over 10,000 applicants applied. In addition to dance, vocals, and star quality, a new category of lyrics and composition was added to create a boy group with broader talent, securing a wider range of talents.

‘Nizi Project’ Season 2 will be released worldwide every Friday at 10 pm (KST)  through YouTube and can be viewed in Japan on the online video platform Hulu.

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