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JYP Entertainment’s trainee group ‘Project C’ has been cast as lead roles in variety shows and dramas even before their official debut

JYP Entertainment’s chinese trainee group ‘Project C’ is gaining high expectations in the local scene with their active activities even before their official debut.

In 2021, JYP China announced the trainee group Project C in the local market. The upcoming boy group, being prepared by JYP China, consists of current trainees Luo Yan, Li Xijie, Huang Wenjin, Bai Yuanhao, and Liang Zexin. These five trainees have been revealed as members of Project C, and they are actively engaging in various fields, including variety shows, dramas, and performances.

Thanks to the enthusiastic response, Project C was invited to the ‘2023 TMEA Music Festival,’ the largest music event in China, organized by Tencent Music Entertainment, which took place on July 8-9 at the Macau Galaxy Arena and near the Macau Tower. On the 9th, they showcased their original songs, such as ‘314号星球’ (Planet 314) and ‘大航海家’ (The Great Navigator), and mesmerized the stage with powerful performances.

Last year, all members of Project C were cast as protagonists in a youth mini-series produced by a famous local production company. The mini-series featuring Project C revolves around a passionate manager and five trainees striving towards their dreams, and it includes new original songs and performances. This mini-series is scheduled to be broadcast on major video platforms in China in the future.

Following BOY STORY, which symbolizes JYP’s entry into the Chinese mainstream music market through JYP China, JYP is introducing the trainee group Project C. The company stated, “With appearances at the ‘2023 TMEA Music Festival,’ the largest music event in the Chinese-speaking region, and the release of the mini-series, we will build a strong fandom as we approach their official debut.”


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