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JYP’s Park Jin-young and HYBE’s Bang Si-hyuk reveal the ‘sock incident’ that shaped BTS’s beginnings

JYP’s Chief Creative Officer Park Jin-young and HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk shared a surprising revelation about the past that influenced BTS’s formation.

On a recent episode of the TV show ‘You Quiz on the Block,’ Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk appeared as guests. Bang Si-hyuk recalled their time in the United States back in 2003, where they initially went for leisure but then contemplated their future in the music industry.

During their stay in Los Angeles, Park Jin-young had a feeling that something big was about to happen and expressed it to Bang Si-hyuk. However, their American venture didn’t go as smoothly as they expected.

Park Jin-young explained how they went to the U.S. with no financial backing, and even though the company’s shareholders opposed their American venture, they decided to go. They had no money and stayed in a single room, spending four months there, working on music. He shared that they used the garage to set up musical instruments and create songs.

Bang Si-hyuk added a humorous touch to the story by revealing the “sock incident.” Apparently, Park Jin-young would often throw his socks around, and Bang Si-hyuk asked him to pick them up. However, Park Jin-young didn’t want to touch socks that someone else had worn, and this led to some tension. Eventually, Bang Si-hyuk couldn’t take it anymore and left.

Bang Si-hyuk humorously explained that if it weren’t for the sock incident, K-pop history might have turned out differently. He thanked Park Jin-young for staying in the U.S. and opening the way for the next generation.

This revelation provides a unique glimpse into the challenges and quirks that shaped the early days of BTS‘s journey.


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