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Kang Ha-neul shares heartwarming anecdote comparable to Yoo Jae-suk and Park Bo-gum: “Even provided allowance for youngest staff and helped with difficult tasks.”

Na Young-seok PD praised Kang Ha-neul’s character, describing him as a famous creator of entertainment anecdotes. He recalled an incident during the ‘Youth Over Flowers’ program when Kang Ha-neul was initially supposed to join them in Iceland but went to the Blue Dragon Film Awards without informing them. Na Young-seok PD explained that they had to send a letter to Kang Ha-neul advising him to come immediately to join the team.

Choi Jae-young, the writer, also added that they had to create a fictional entertainment station to lure Kang Ha-neul into participating in the program and even placed cameras discreetly.

Kang Ha-neul then mentioned receiving a memorable handwritten letter during that time and shared that he was told that if he tore up the letter, everything would be edited out, making it as if nothing happened.


Na Young-seok PD emphasized how unusual the situation was, considering Kang Ha-neul had no knowledge of the schedule or the production team’s identity. Kang Ha-neul admitted that initially, he was worried, especially because he didn’t even have his passport and driver’s license with him. However, he expressed his excitement about the trip and the chance to spend time with the other members.

Na Young-seok PD further mentioned a similar incident with Lee Seo-jin, where they thought he was joining an art trip with a girl group but ended up meeting Shin Jae-sam. They even jokingly said that if they couldn’t make it, they would edit everything out.

In response to this amusing story, the writer Choi Jae-young commented, “Doesn’t this sound like a scam?” Na Young-seok PD humorously responded, “Many entertainers, if asked by their companies for their passport, might think they are being tricked.”

Overall, the article highlights the humorous and unexpected situations that occurred during the making of ‘Youth Over Flowers’ and how Kang Ha-neul and other cast members took it all in good stride.


Author Nat.O
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