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Kangnam becomes Arma entertainment’s CEO: Collaborating with Warner Music for idol production

Kangnam becomes an idol group producer as CEO of Arma Entertainment

Singer and entertainer Kangnam has undergone a transformation and become an idol group producer. Kangnam recently launched the idol group as the CEO of the new entertainment company, Arma Entertainment.

The group introduced by him is One Fact, a boy group that is on the verge of an official debut on the 30th. It is rumored that he has been preparing to launch an idol group in top secrecy, collaborating with Warner Music Korea.

One Fact is composed of members who were active on Mnet’s “Boys Planet” such as Jongwoo, Seongmin, Yedam, and Jay Chang, along with rapper Tag, who appeared on “High School Rapper 4.”

Since the announcement of their debut, the group has gathered explosive expectations from fans in Korea and around the world.

As they are comprised of contestants from well-known audition programs, it is expected that they will focus on securing a global fan base and activities not only in Korea. This marks his first venture into producing an idol group, and the synergy between him and the new group is being closely watched.

Kangnam has exhibited his excellent sense of entertainment and remarkable eloquence through numerous variety programs. He has actively participated in various activities, shuttling between his roles as a singer and broadcaster. He is currently communicating with the public through his YouTube channel, “KangNami.”



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