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Kangnam contemplates on having twins on ‘Kangnami’ with Kim Junsu, receiving a stern warning from his mother

Kangnam, the television personality, briefly hesitated when asked if he wants to have twins.

On the web entertainment show on YouTube ‘Kangnami’ released on the 4th, singer and musical actor Kim Junsu appeared as a guest. Kangnam, despite addressing Kim Junsu as a senior due to their same birth year in 1987, immediately used informal language when she found out.

Kim Junsu, teasing Kangnam with his mother, candidly commented, “It seems that Kangnam has a tendency to do something wrong.” Later, when Kangnam asked Kim Junsu if he had any siblings, he replied, “I have an older brother. I’m a twin. But we don’t look alike.”

Then he asked Kangnam, “Do you want to have twins?” Kangnam, in response, got lost in thought, saying, “Kangnam having two?”At that moment, Kangnam’s mother emphasized once again, saying, “Oh, that’s a death sentence. You can’t do that.”

Kangnam married former speed skater Lee Sang-hwa in 2019.


Watch the whole video here!


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