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KBS “Immortal Songs” reveals Bang Yedam’s musical DNA

KBS “Immortal Songs” reveals Bang Yedam’s musical DNA.

Bang Yedam greets everyone with an awkward and fresh demeanor as he makes his first appearance on “Immortal Songs”.

Expressing his nerves, he says, “It feels really unfamiliar,” and blushing, he admires the outstanding talents all around, saying, “Wherever you look, everyone is so excellent.”

Having watched Bang Yedam, Jung Young-joo mentions his past appearance on audition programs and confesses, “I always voted for him diligently,” revealing her extraordinary fan feelings. She also shares that there is a personal connection between Bang Yedam’s father and her, saying, “We share the same recording studio and are close.”

Both of Bang Yedam’s parents are well-known singers. His father sang famous animation theme songs and commercial jingles known to the entire nation, while his mother is also a renowned singer for various OSTs. He joyfully introduces his father and mother’s discography.

MC Lee Chan-won comments, “Certainly, there’s a strong musical DNA,” acknowledging Bang Yedam’s musicality at its source.

He momentarily sheds his shyness and reveals his hidden charms. During the talent showcase in the waiting room, he surprises everyone with an impressive imitation of his mentor, Park Jin-young, showing an incredible synchronization. Hearing this, MC Lee Chan-won exclaims, “It’s really the same,” widening his eyes in amazement.

Meanwhile, Golden Girls, a four-member girl group consisting of the exceptional diva Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi, made their debut in 2023 and have quickly gained recognition as a ‘deity’ girl group.

“Immortal Songs” airs every Saturday at 6:10 PM (KST) on KBS 2TV.


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