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Man’s Life These Days- Groom Class”:Kim Dong-wan goes on a romantic date with a beautiful female doctor 11 years younger and requests an “after date”

Kim Dong-wan, who went on a blind date after 16 years, confidently went so far as to request an “after” date, raising viewers’ heartbeats.

On November 1st, in the 88th episode of Channel A’s “Man’s Life These Days- Groom Class,” Kim Dong-wan’s day of blind dating after 16 years, and the sweet date scene between Shin Sung and Park So-young, were aired, triggering excitement among viewers.

In the Nielsen Korea ratings for this broadcast, it recorded an average of 2.56% (based on paid households nationwide), reflecting the viewers’ strong interest.

On this day, Kim Dong-wan went on a blind date for the first time in 16 years, arranged by Jang Young-ran.

Jang Young-ran explained, “It was challenging to find someone with both a good personality and appearance. Since he seems to like people who speak English well, I brought a ‘TOEIC perfect scorer.” Her explanation warmed up the atmosphere.

Shortly afterward, a sophisticated and beautiful woman appeared, and Kim Dong-wan led the conversation diligently with an awkward but bright smile.

Kim Dong-wan’s witty comment, “You look like you’re in your twenties,” led the blind date woman to reveal that she was born in 1990 and is currently working at a hospital.

It turned out that she was a dermatologist and the director of her own clinic.

Upon hearing this, Han Go-eun said, “Kim Dong-wan’s dream is to live a long and healthy life, so isn’t being a doctor the perfect match?” to which the mentors agreed with enthusiasm.

Kim Dong-wan asked about various aspects like where she lives, the school she attended, her hobbies, and her ideal type in an effort to find common ground.

However, when the blind date woman mentioned she liked affectionate people, Kim Dong-wan surprisingly said, “To be honest, I tend to become a bit less kind when I like someone,” leaving everyone puzzled.

Regarding this, he later reflected in the studio, saying, “I think I tried to show my true self because I was genuinely considering the other person. I didn’t eat well and didn’t give any presents. I regret that I didn’t do well at that time.”

In reality, he carefully removed an eyelash that was stuck to his date’s face and asked her to make a wish, displaying his affection.

He also confessed, “I quit drinking a month ago. I think I was in my thirties when I quit smoking because I felt pathetic and the same thing happened this time.” He added, “When I quit drinking, all the minor pains went away,” emphasizing how he has changed completely.

In a warm atmosphere, he carefully proposed an “after” date, saying, “I’ve made a reservation at a restaurant today. Shall we go eat?” The blind date woman replied with a smile, “For dinner?” and Kim Dong-wan’s successful “after” request will be revealed next week.

Meanwhile, Shin Sung took Park So-young to the Bukak Skyway, where you can overlook the scenery of Seoul. On a clear autumn day, the two enjoyed the beautiful scenery, cooked instant ramen, and sat on an outdoor bench.

When Park So-young looked cold, Shin Sung took off his jacket and gave it to her. Park So-young said, “I really like this kind of simple date,” and “The ramen you cooked is the most delicious,” showing her appreciation. In response, Shin Sung said, “I should eat ramen with So-young from now on,” making Park So-young smile.

On the way back in the car, Shin Sung sat in the front passenger seat and said, “I’ll teach So-young how to drive today.”

He praised her, saying, “I’m getting in a car driven by a woman for the first time,” and “It feels stable.” However, Shin Sung couldn’t hide his uneasiness due to Park So-young’s inexperienced driving skills, which made mentor team consisting of Lee Seung-chul, Han Go-eun, Moon Se-yoon, and Jang Young-ran burst into laughter.

After some twists and turns, the two arrived at a cafe and workshop filled with high-end speaker equipment. This was a cafe and workshop that Park So-young found to match Shin Sung’s preference for music. There, Shin Sung sang ‘Hiya,’ which Park So-young likes, together with her and asked, “Who’s your favorite singer?”

In response, Park So-young said, “Shinhwa’s Kim Dong-wan,” to which Shin Sung suddenly asked, “Are you picking a fight?” and humorously expressed his jealousy for Kim Dong-wan, causing laughter.

Afterward, Shin Sung wondered how they would make up if they had a fight, saying, “What should we do to reconcile if we fight in the future? Should we say, ‘Good morning, I love you,’ like Hong Yoon-hwa?”

Park So-young thought for a moment and posed cutely, saying, “How about ‘Ssong Ssong’?” and Shin Sung continued the fantastic Tikitaka, saying, “Then, I’ll say, ‘Nowong (I like you),’ and both laughed.

Observing the great chemistry between the two, Jang Young-ran expressed her satisfaction, saying, “If they do that, they won’t have any fights.” Kim Dong-wan took notes and said, “This is why it’s ‘Groom Class.'”

While enjoying music and chatting, the two also enjoyed a pottery date by making flower vases at an outdoor potter’s wheel.

Shin Sung started making a flower vase, saying, “I heard So-young’s mother likes flowers.” He also tied up Park So-young’s hair carefully when he saw her hair falling into her face.

After completing their flower vases and cups, they washed their hands side by side. Shin Sung’s natural skinship, in which he applied lotion to the back of Park So-young’s hand, led to the mentor team calling them a “couple” or even a “married couple.”

A few days later, Park So-young publicly shared a thank-you video from her mother for the flower vase made by Shin Sung, and Park So-young’s mother said, “As a token of gratitude for the flower vase, I will cook something delicious, so feel free to visit whenever you want,” actively supporting their relationship with applause.


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