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Kim Ga-young has admitted her relationship with producer Pdogg

Weathercaster Kim Ga-young has admitted her relationship with producer Pdogg, who is known as the ‘father of BTS music’.

On the morning of the 15th, Kim Ga-young appeared on MBC Radio’s “Good Morning FM Tei” to host the “Funny News” segment. Kim Ga-young hosts this segment daily.

On the live broadcast on the 14th, the day after rumors of her relationship with Pdogg surfaced, she did not mention it. Although it’s typical to briefly address any issues involving the individuals, she did not mention the dating rumors at all. Tei only mentioned that she received chocolates but didn’t delve into further details.

However, just two days after the dating rumors emerged, she finally admitted it herself. Today (15th) on the live radio broadcast, Kim Ga-young mentioned her relationship with Pdogg, and Tei announced, “Everyone, Ga-young is in a relationship.”

BTS producer Pdogg unpacks the process behind "Black Swan," "Fire," an

Tei expressed, “I’ve known Ga-young for a long time, and she seems comfortable these days. As her older brother, I’m grateful and she looks beautiful,” to which Kim Ga-young responded, “Thank you,” expressing her gratitude.

Tei remarked, “It would have been nice to hear it from you sooner. Congratulations and thank you for your support,” to which she added, “Both of us (Kim Ga-young and Pdogg) love our work, so we’re meeting well by working hard and caring for each other.”

Tei concluded by saying, “Please support them. People’s lives are unpredictable,” with a smile, adding, “I’ll support friends who work hard in their respective fields.” Kim Ga-young, after admitting to the relationship, said, “I feel embarrassed. I should leave soon.”

After the segment ended, “Good Morning FM” played BTS‘s song “Boy in Luv”, as Kim Ga-young is dating Pdogg, who is referred to as the ‘father of BTS music’.

On the 13th, a media outlet reported that Pdogg and Kim Ga-young are dating, stating that the two are openly enjoying their beautiful love, not hiding from public attention and introducing each other as lovers to acquaintances, which attracted attention.

Regarding this, a representative from Pdogg’s agency, Big Hit Music, stated to OSEN, “It’s difficult for us to confirm anything regarding the personal life of our artist. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.”

She has not made a separate statement. Pdogg’s agency, Big Hit Music, stated a ‘no comment’ policy, and Kim Ga-young, who is currently working independently without an agency, maintained silence regarding the dating rumors. However, just two days later, they officially acknowledged their relationship and debuted as a couple.


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