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Kim Hieora caught in school violence controversy: victim’s recorded conversation reveals the truth

A victim’s audio recording alleging school violence committed by Kim Hieora has been made public.

Previously, Dispatch, who first broke the news regarding Kim Hieora’s involvement in school bullying, released portions of a recorded conversation between the victim and Kim Hieora on the 9th.

Dispatch disclosed that they had received 11 tips related to Kim Hieora’s school violence, citing allegations of physical assault, verbal abuse, extortion, and forceful coercion. Alongside this, some of the conversation between the victim, identified as classmate A, and Kim Hieora was released.

In the recording, A states, “I think you (Kim Hieora) hit me the most,” “I had to suffer more; I was waiting for this moment,” and “Did you think about becoming famous while knowing all this?” A also revealed that Kim Hieora had directly called him after the conclusion of the recently filmed drama ‘The Glory’.

Responding to A’s questioning, “Tell the truth, you hit us and tormented us,” Kim Hieora acknowledged, “I don’t remember everything, but I did that to you,” admitting to the act of assault.

Earlier, Kim Hieora’s agency had denied allegations of school violence by stating, “It is true that Kim Hieora joined a café named ‘Big Sangji’ during middle school and hung out with those members. However, all allegations reported by the media are false. Kim Hieora has never engaged in any bullying activities, nor has she admitted to doing so.”

In the meantime, following the controversy, Kim Hieora’s scheduled appearance on ‘SNL Korea 4’ was canceled. However, she continues her activities amid the controversy, including her participation in the musical ‘Frida.’



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