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Kim Hieora’s school alumni speak out: ‘Not a school bully’

Amid allegations that actress Kim Hieora was part of a school bully group in the past, netizens claiming to be her school alumni have come forward to defend her.

On the 7th, a post with the title ‘Kim Hieora is not a school bully or a perpetrator of school violence’ was uploaded on an online community. Netizen A, claiming to be Kim Hieora’s high school classmate, drew a line on the allegations by saying, “Kim Hieora was not famous for being a school bully or for participating in school violence because she played well or was a part of a school bully group. She was famous for being a good person among her peers.”

A said that Kim Hieora was the only one who spoke to her when she was eating alone in the cafeteria and called her a “lifelong benefactor.” A also attached photos from their school days with Kim Hieora.

Middle school classmate B also posted a supportive message about Kim Hieora. B stated, “While Kim Hieora was part of a group of students who played around, I don’t remember her harassing other kids or doing anything harmful like the recent school violence issues. The most significant thing I remember is her cutting in line at the school cafeteria.” B also expressed doubt about the claims that Kim Hieora was part of a group called ‘Big Kangaroo’ known for school bullying, saying, “I don’t recall all the kids who played around with Kim Hieora in ‘Big Kangaroo’ being troublemakers.”

Another schoolmate, C, said, “I thought that maybe Kim Hieora was being criticized not based on the facts but because she became famous. From what I remember, none of the kids in ‘Big Kangaroo’ were thugs. Kim Hieora was not part of the group of troublemakers. She didn’t bother anyone, didn’t smoke, and got along well with teachers.”

In this way, Kim Hieora’s school bully controversy is spreading as a battle over the truth. Online entertainment media Dispatch reported on the 6th that Kim Hieora was a member of ‘Big Kangaroo,’ a school bully group, during her time at Sangji Girls’ Middle School in Gangwon. According to the report, ‘Big Kangaroo’ was notorious for acts such as extortion, assault, and verbal abuse. Dispatch claimed that Kim Hieora was asked to buy cigarettes or was robbed of money while in the group.

Kim Hieora acknowledged that she was a member of ‘Big Kangaroo’ but denied allegations of assault or extortion. She has also released two statements, saying, “I did not torment the weak or live a cowardly life like what was reported in the articles. I heard rumors about me a few months ago, but I didn’t think much of them because they were completely untrue.”

Her agency, Gram Entertainment, released an official statement and warned of legal action against the spreading of false information.

Due to the allegations of being a school bully, Kim Hieora has partially suspended her activities. She was scheduled to appear as a host on Coupang Play’s variety show ‘SNL Korea’ Season 4 on the 9th, but following the reports, Coupang Play canceled the recording and decided to cancel the show. However, Kim Hieora will continue her performance in the musical ‘Frida.’


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