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Sasaeng attack: Kim Jaejoong complained of suffering because of Sasaeng Taxis

Kim Jaejoong complained of the pain he was suffering because of Sasaeng Taxis.

Kim Jaejoong uploaded a video on the 22nd saying, “Sasaeng taxis waiting in every section. Drivers that customers have to chase and coax to go.”

The video showed the so-called “sasaeng taxis” chasing Kim Jaejoong. Sasaeng behavior refers to the act of fans following a specific celebrity during their private time, outside of their official schedule, and is being pointed out as a major problem. “Sasaeng taxis” is an act where a sasaeng pays for a taxi and follows a specific celebrity for a day.

Jaejoong Kim said, “You guys make money through harassment that tramples on a person’s precious time and emotions, as if you were carrying out a radio operation in the car. The process is still truly professional. Times have changed. Yesterday, all six vehicles were filmed, including black box footage. We plan to collect more in the future, and I hope that those of you who collect private lives and human suffering will be severely punished.”

He continued, “I still remember well the scary words, ‘When Jaejoong gets married, I will definitely come to the wedding hall.’ I hope you take good care of him and go to prison. 20 years. Let’s just stop here. The habit of looking back while eating or walking down the street. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had this,” he said, adding, “I’m busy. You spend all your time on the road running away from making money. Isn’t it time to let him go?” He expressed that he has been suffering from the loss of life and death for 20 years.

Kim Jaejoong also added, “Our fans. I hope our juniors don’t have to go through the same thing.”

He released an advertisement for a private taxi operator and pointed out that there are problems with private taxi operators as well, saying, “This is why private house operators are more evil than people who ride private taxis.”

The Sasaeng Taxi advertisement text released by Kim Jaejoong reads, ‘Are you still watching your favorite star only on TV? You too, come see it in person. It was shocking because it said, ‘Drama and other tours.’ This advertisement was written in Chinese and Japanese, making it known that there is a product that allows foreign sasaengs to use Korean sasaeng taxis as a kind of ‘tour’.

Jaejoong Kim said in 2021, through Naver NOW’s ‘Night Studio’, that he has been a victim of sasaeng since his group days, and that his sasaengs even found out his home address and cell phone number, trespassed into his house, and secretly filmed himself inside the house.

He also revealed that his sasaeng came to him in the early morning, rang the doorbell, and approached him by saying, “Don’t you know me?” after getting a temporary job as a food delivery driver. Kim Jaejoong also said that when he moved, his sasaeng got a house on the same floor of the apartment across from him and watched him every day.

Kim Jaejoong even reported it to the police himself, but the police said they did not take proper action, saying, “He’s a fan, so he could come to your house. Why should you report it? You (Jaejoong) are so narrow-minded.”

In the end, Kim Jae-joong, who moved every two years and was forced to buy a lot of his cars, was said to have been able to escape from his life damage after 12 years.


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