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Kim Ji-won purchased a building located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu for 6.3 billion KRW

Kim Ji-won purchased a building located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu under her own representative corporation’s name for 6.3 billion KRW.

According to Kim Gyeong-hyun from the Building Road Real Estate Agency on the 19th, Kim Ji-won signed a contract in June 2021 to purchase a building located on Dosan-daero, behind Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, for 6.3 billion KRW.

The building consists of basement 1st floor to 5th floor, with a land area of 198㎡ and a total floor area of 495㎡. It was constructed in 1991 and is located 7 minutes away from Gangnam-gu Office Station, which is a transfer station for Line 7 and the Suin-Bundang Line.

It is an area densely populated with high-demand rental industries such as entertainment companies.

Behind the building is where actor Hwang Jung-min’s agency is located. Hwang Jung-min purchased a building in Nonhyeon-dong for 2.47 billion KRW on April 12, 2017.

Kim Ji-won purchased the building under the name of her own corporation, ‘Jiwon Entertainment Co., Ltd.’, where she serves as the managing director and representative.

Since purchasing the building in 2021, Kim Ji-won has not carried out any significant construction activities.

From the basement 1st to the 3rd floor, the rental industry remains unchanged, while she changed the use of the 4th and 5th floors from residential to neighborhood facilities, and is currently using them as her agency’s office.

Mr. Kim, the agent, stated, “Considering that the maximum amount of debt is set at 4.2 billion KRW, the actual loan amount is estimated to be 3.5 billion KRW, and about 55% of the purchase price was obtained through loans.”

This is considered a case of purchasing at a high price despite the era of low interest rates and high currency issuance during the real estate boom.

Including the purchase price of 6.3 billion KRW, acquisition tax, legal fees, and brokerage fees, Kim Ji-won is estimated to have spent approximately 6.7 billion KRW on the building.

In reality, a building 100 meters away was sold for 1.5 billion KRW per square meter in November 2023, five months ago. It has the same land area of 198㎡ as Kim Ji-won’s building.

Calculating at 1.5 billion KRW per square meter, she has still maintained the purchase price of 6.3 billion KRW to date, with nearby property prices ranging from 140 million KRW to 200 million KRW per square meter.

Mr. Kim analyzed, “It is expected that she obtained a loan at a low-interest rate,” and “Since she is utilizing the upper floors, it appears that she made a good purchase.”

He further explained, “This area is a place where properties are quickly traded when they come on the market, and with major renovations or new constructions after evicting the current tenants, the building’s value is expected to increase significantly.”

Also, the future opening of the Hakdong Sageori Sin-Sawuri Line Station is a favorable factor. This suggests a high potential for future real estate value appreciation, evaluating it as having high investment value from a long-term perspective.

Kim Ji-won made her debut in 2010 and appeared in dramas such as ‘The Heirs’, ‘Descendants of the Sun’, and ‘Fight for My Way’. Currently, she is gaining popularity for her role alongside actor Kim Soo-hyun in tvN’s ‘Queen of Tears’.

Meanwhile, Team Leader Jeon Ye-seong of the Building Road Real Estate Agency operates a YouTube channel called ‘Little Building, Yongsik-Yesung’ for real estate information purposes.


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