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ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji-woong directly addressed the controversy over foul language at a fan signing event

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji-woong directly addressed the controversy over foul language at a fan signing event.

On the 18th, Kim Ji-woong opened up about the controversy over foul language at a fan signing event through the fan platform Bubble.

He stated, “I’m fine. There’s nothing difficult when I’m loved like this,” “I’m sorry for making you worry,” “I’ve always lived with integrity,” “Don’t worry because I didn’t do anything like that,” as messages to refute the suspicions against him.

ZEROBASEONE's Agency Releases New Statement On Kim Ji Woong's Allegations  Of Cursing During Fan Call | Soompi

Furthermore, he changed his status message to ‘saphilgwi-jeong,’ implying innocence. ‘Saphilgwi-jeong’ is a Chinese proverb that means that whatever happens will eventually return to its proper course.

Recently, a fan of ZEROBASEONE, Ms. A, claimed that Kim Ji-woong used foul language during a video call fan signing event. According to a video released by A, after Kim Ji-woong finished his last greeting, a man off-screen uttered foul language. This raised suspicions that Kim Ji-woong might have used foul language.

Wake One, the agency, stated, “Upon verification, it is not true. We have confirmed with staff and interpreters present at the scene,” and also released the results of a special emotional analysis of the video.

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On the 17th, Wake One stated, “The analysis of the vocal characteristics in the video revealed that the pronunciation was interpreted as ‘thank you’ and ‘foul language,'” and “The analysis of the frequency response waveform resulted in different pitches and heights, indicating that the two voices were judged to be from different speakers.”

After clarifying the foul language controversy, Kim Ji-woong attended the ’31st Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2023’ with the members of Jebe One on the 18th. Jebe One, which won the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in the male category, delivered their acceptance speech.

Kim Jiwoong's agency issues official statement regarding cursing  allegations against ZEROBASEONE member | PINKVILLA: Korean

Sung Han-bin, who said, “I love the ZE_ROSEs (fan name) so much,” expressed concern when he witnessed the surging crowd of fans, saying, “It’s too dangerous, so please take a step back one by one. I’ll pause my thoughts for a moment.”

After the situation calmed down, the members expressed their acceptance speeches in various languages. However, Kim Ji-woong did not express any particular thoughts on this year’s award.


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