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“The Wind Blows”: Kim Sung-kyu is igniting the 3rd phase of his emotionally charged remake project

Kim Sung-kyu is opening the third page of his remake project with “The Wind Blows”.

On 2nd February at 6 PM (KST), Kim Sung-kyu will release the third digital single “The Wind Blows” as part of his remake digital single project through various music streaming sites.

The third song to decorate the finale of the remake digital single project, “The Wind Blows”, is a hit song from 2004 by the singer Lee So-ra. Known for its poetic and emotionally rich lyrics and melody, the song has been receiving steady love from people of all ages and genders.

Kim Sung-kyu’s version of “The Wind Blows” reinterprets the song with an emotional pad sound as its main focus, incorporating a dreamy yet powerful rhythm loop and drums to create a natural ambient sound. Adding strong rock vocals while retaining warmth, and maintaining Kim Sung-kyu’s vocal identity in a restrained yet explosive manner, the reinterpretation captures the original song’s unique atmosphere, creating a deeper and richer flavor.

Following the release of the original versions of “Sorry, I Hate You” by Jaurim on the 20th and “What Should I Do” by Sand Pebbles on the 27th, Kim Sung-kyu’s remake project has been revealing a total of three songs. This project resonates with those who long for the analog sentiments of nostalgia, delivering a special gift.

Kim Sung-kyu’s newly born remake single, “The Wind Blows”, with his unique sensibility, was released on various music streaming sites on the 2nd at 6 PM (KST).

Kim Sung-kyu successfully concluded his solo fan meeting held at KBS Arena on the 27th. Additionally, he has been cast as the lead character Evan Hansen in the musical “Dear Evan Hansen,” which will run from March 28th to June 23rd at Chungmu Art Center’s Grand Theater.


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