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Kim Tae-ri’s haunting performance in ‘Revenant’ earned her expectations of winning at least one trophy at this year’s acting awards

According to Nielsen Korea, the viewership rating for the 10th episode of ‘Revenant’ aired on the 22nd was 10.9% nationwide, with a peak rating of 13.7%. Since its premiere on the 23rd of last month with a viewership rating of 9.9%, ‘Revenant’ has maintained a consistent 10% rating.

‘Revenant’ is a story about San-young (played by Kim Tae-ri), a woman possessed by a demon, and Hae-sang (played by Oh Jung-se), a man who can see demons, uncovering mysterious deaths. The collaboration between writer Kim Eun-hee and Kim Tae-ri has been a hot topic even before the drama’s broadcast, as it is a genre of Korean occult mystery, which is relatively unfamiliar and predicted to be polarizing among viewers.

‘Revenant’ has proven to be a hit, grabbing the attention of the devoted fan base for its genre. Despite the challenges of the genre, Kim Eun-hee’s writing and the solid acting of the cast have contributed to maintaining stable ratings. Notably, Kim Tae-ri’s chilling performance stands out, where she portrays a character slowly being possessed by a demon.

Kim Tae-ri’s possessed performance in ‘Revenant’ has captivated the hearts of occult genre enthusiasts. She skillfully portrays the extremes of emotion, from a demon full of anger to the confusion of possibly losing her loved ones.

Kim Tae-ri used her facial muscles in the early stages of the drama to differentiate between San-young and the possessed demon. As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between the two. With the combination of high viewership ratings, buzz, and exceptional acting skills, Kim Tae-ri has already reserved a spot for herself to win at least one trophy at the SBS Acting Awards this year. Now, there are only two episodes left until the conclusion of ‘Revenant.’ Fans are eagerly anticipating what more Kim Tae-ri will showcase in the remaining episodes as her filmography continues to reach new heights.

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