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Kim Woo-jin embarks on a musical transformation through his new release “I LIKE THE WAY”

Kim Woo-jin embarks on a musical transformation through his new release “I LIKE THE WAY”.

Kim Woo-jin is releasing his 3rd mini-album “I LIKE THE WAY” today at 6 PM (KST) through various music streaming sites. This comeback comes approximately 8 months after his previous work.

The title track “I Like The Way” is a pop dance song that combines a groovy bass line and funky guitar sound with Kim Woo-jin’s charming vocals. It was composed by K-pop hitmaker Ryan Jhun, with lyrics written by Kim Woo-jin himself. The song carries a confident and self-assured message of doing what you want without being bound by others’ perspectives.

The accompanying music video, released with the song, visualizes Kim Woo-jin’s bold aspirations to break free from everything that previously suppressed him and to walk his own path. The video showcases Kim Woo-jin playing the bass on top of a car and delivering captivating performances.

In addition to the title track, the album includes a total of 5 tracks of various genres, including “Pretty Mess”, which expresses determination to walk one’s own path despite complex situations; “What U Say”, portraying the excitement of falling in love and the fluttering heart; “Hold”, a song about where one finds the strength to endure despairing moments; and “To. My Friend”, reminiscing about childhood memories with friends.

“I LIKE THE WAY” marks a new beginning for him and is his first album released under Kustomade, a producing label of Creation Music Rights (KMR). Kim Woo-jin’s involvement in song selection, mood composition, and lyric writing for most of the tracks showcases his advancement as a solo artist.

Particularly, he hallenges various genres including pop, R&B, afrobeat, and ballad, proving his infinite musical spectrum. To achieve this, a lineup of KMR’s in-house independent company (CIC) SMASHHIT’s songwriters participated. Notable producers and songwriters such as Hyun, who participated as the topliner for “What U Say” under the lead of representative producer Kangta (Happytizer); Kyle Lo, producer of “Pretty Mess” encompassing various genres; Klozer, a versatile producer and topliner; and Petra, contributed to elevate the album’s completeness.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-jin’s 3rd mini-album “I LIKE THE WAY” was released today at 6 PM (KST) through various music streaming sites.


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