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‘King the Land’ Lee Jun-ho Pulling in Popularity as ‘Romantic King'”

Actor Lee Jun-ho is opening up a new paradigm in the romantic comedy genre through ‘King the Land.’

In the JTBC weekend drama ‘King the Land’ (written by Choi Rom, directed by Im Hyun-wook, produced by NP Entertainment, Buyfome Studio, SLL), Lee Jun-ho portrays the transformation of a clumsy director, Gu Won, who falls in love. He skillfully depicts the changes in a man’s journey into love, captivating the hearts of viewers.

Thanks to Lee Jun-ho’s brilliant performance, ‘King The Land’ is experiencing a steady increase in both ratings and popularity with each episode. It is also gaining international attention with good performance on Netflix. In light of this, we analyzed the reasons why viewers love the character of Gu Won, played by Lee Jun-ho, focusing on his charm.

◆ Lee Jun-ho, perfect control from facial expressions to gaze! 901 charms completed with delicate details!

First and foremost, Lee Jun-ho presents numerous facets of Gu Won, offering different points of excitement in each episode. Beneath his prickly exterior, he reveals a tender side that evokes maternal instincts while also tickling the hearts of those who appreciate his bold approach to romance as a novice. Particularly, Lee Jun-ho’s attention to detail, adjusting his facial expressions, gaze, and vocal tone with every change in the character’s emotions, enhances the immersion.

These details were particularly prominent in episodes 3 and 4 when Gu Won began to fall in love. His unwitting smile, seeping through while interacting with the angelic Cheon Sarang (played by Lim Yoon-ah), created a peculiar excitement. On the other hand, his encounters with his sister-in-law, Gu Hwa-ran (played by Kim Sun-young), exuded a cool charisma and showcased various facets, igniting interest.

◆ Lee Jun-ho, a composed man, once again captivates with the nonchalant affection of the ‘inexperienced in love’ director!

In the past episodes 3 and 4, Gu Won’s bumpy journey of unrequited love began. Despite trying to deny his feelings, he constantly thought of Cheon Sarang, bringing laughter through his attempts at love psychology tests. He showed the archetype of a man in love, blaming himself after acting differently and eagerly awaiting contact from the other person.

However, Gu Won mustered up the courage to propose a dinner date to Cheon Sarang, breaking the rules of romantic comedy and boldly making advances that made viewers’ hearts race. Even among many people, he paid attention to every action of the person he liked and comforted them with a nonchalant tone. Among them, Gu Won’s actions, such as becoming a reliable umbrella for Cheon Sarang, in the rain, combined with Lee Jun-ho’s unique tenderness, are igniting dopamine around the world.

◆ A visual three-step combo that evokes favorable impressions – well-fitted suits + deep voice + melodic gaze, giving birth to the ‘Romantic King’!

Meanwhile, the external elements that complete Lee Jun-ho’s portrayal of Gu Won are also generating buzz with each episode. The slim-fit three-piece suits, resonating deep voices, and intense melodramatic gazes. Lee Jun-ho perfectly embodies a variety of suit patterns in ‘King the Land,’ adding to the enjoyment of the office look.

In addition, his gentle low voice and internal acting, expressing emotional fluctuations, maximize the romantic tension of the drama. Just his presence alone as the certified ‘Romantic King’ evokes excitement, and the anticipation for the next encounter with Lee Jun-ho is unparalleled.

Moreover, his solid vocalization, producing a gentle low voice, and his internal acting that expresses emotional variations, synergize to maximize the romantic tension of the drama. Just his mere presence as the certified ‘Romantic King’ brings forth excitement, and the anticipation for the next encounter with Lee Jun-ho is unparalleled.

You can witness Lee Jun-ho’s 901 charms as the inexperienced director Gu Won in ‘King the Land.’


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