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Korean-Chinese stars shone at London Fashion Week, drawing attention with an extraordinary combination

Korean-Chinese stars shone at London Fashion Week, drawing attention with an extraordinary combination.

Among the various stars who attended the event, Korean-Chinese stars attracted particular attention at the fashion brand B’s “2024 F/W Collection” fashion week was held in London, UK.

The meeting between Jun Ji-hyun and Tang Wei was particularly eye-catching. The two representatives of Korea and China, who can be considered the epitome of beauty in both countries, met at the venue and exchanged warm greetings. In a video taken on site, Tang Wei and Jun Ji-hyun were seen holding hands and showing affectionate gestures, capturing the audience’s attention.

Jun Ji-hyun, who had also participated in the event last year, attracted much attention when she met with soccer player Son Heung-min at the time. This year, she once again met with Son Heung-min at the venue, confirming their reunion and having a conversation together. Additionally, she also had a significant encounter with Tang Wei.

Tang Wei shared a selfie with Jun Ji-hyun on her personal SNS. In the slightly blurry photo taken with the camera shaking without any particular effort, the flawless beauty of the two captivated onlookers. Netizens who saw the photo also welcomed the combination, praising the heavenly visuals of the two stars.

But the special combinations didn’t stop there. Tang Wei also posted a photo of her and actress Jung Yu-mi, attracting attention. The two had worked together in the movie “Late Autumn” directed by Tang Wei’s husband, Kim Tae-yong, after nine years since “Late Autumn.” They met at the venue, exchanged cheerful greetings, and left behind a lovely snapshot. Tang Wei added the words “Yu-mi♥” to the photo.

In this way, the friendship between Korean and Chinese beauties shone brightly in London. People’s interest is soaring in their captivating charm, even capturing London Fashion Week.


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