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Kwon Inseo participates as the third contributor to the OST of the MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Wonderful World”

Kwon Inseo, who is gaining attention as a promising newcomer, participates as the third contributor to the OST of the MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Wonderful World.”

The OST Part.3, “Remember – Kwon Inseo,” depicting regrets and apologies for departed loved ones, will be released today for the drama “Wonderful World”.

“Wonderful World” has been captivating viewers with shocking plot twists, revealing the true identity of Seon-yul (played by Cha Eun-woo) and enhancing the immersion of the audience.

Current Drama 2024] Wonderful World, 원더풀 월드-Kim Nam-joo, Cha Eun woo-Fri&  Sat@21:50 KST - k-dramas & movies - Soompi Forums

“Remember” is a song with a gentle guitar melody overlaid with a lyrical piano line. It expresses the feeling of longing in a heartfelt and understated manner, enriched by the deep tones of Kwon Inseo’s vocals, leaving a profound impression.

Vocalist Kwon Inseo has previously lent her voice to various works such as “Mountain Wind Forest” by Kwon Jinwon X 2ONE and the OST of the movie “Sing 2” (Korean dubbed version), captivating many music fans with her distinctive voice and rich emotions.

The “Wonderful World” OST Part.3, “Remember,” was produced by the music director of “Wonderful World,” known for his outstanding work in various genres such as “The World of the Married,” “When the Camellia Blooms,” and “Reply 1988.” It completes a well-made OST representing the emotions of the characters in the drama.

Meanwhile, “Remember,” sung by Kwon Inseo for the ‘Wonderful World’ OST Part.3, will be released today, the 22nd, at 12:00 PM on various music platforms.


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