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Cross-over group LA POEM is set to unveil easy listening music

Cross-over group LA POEM is set to unveil easy listening music.

On the 15th, LA POEM posted the tracklist for their new single “MIRROR” on their official SNS. According to the revealed tracklist, this single will include the double title tracks “Mirror” and “Rose”. The group has been sequentially releasing teaser content featuring flowers made from mirrors, which have been revealed to represent the two songs.

“Mirror” was created by lyricist Seo Ji-eum, who birthed the hit “After LIKE” by IVE, collaborating once again with Norwegian composer, showcasing a sophisticated beat. Furthermore, ‘Rose’ is produced by Brothersu and Jina, who previously collaborated with LA POEM on the title track ‘Anchor’ from their mini-album released last year, bringing renewed synergy and anticipation for LA POEM.

They have hinted at a new transformation through this single. Showcasing contrasting atmospheres through two title tracks, they aim to express their aspirations in a sensuous manner akin to a love story.

Studio JAMM, their agency, stated, “LA POEM will be unveiling easy listening music with their new single. We ask for your keen interest as the members have carefully selected the songs to showcase new charms.”

Their new single “Mirror” will be released through various music streaming sites on the 24th of this month.


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