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LE SSERAFIM has achieved an outstanding record in Japan, setting a remarkable benchmark in the industry

LE SSERAFIM has set a record in Japan.

According to Japan’s “Oricon Annual Ranking 2023” announced on the 5th (counting period December 12, 2022 – December 10, 23), LE SSERAFIM ranked first in the sales category by artist and in “Rookie Ranking”.

Oricon said, “LE SSERAFIM posted sales of 2.12 billion yen (approximately 19.3 billion won) during the reporting period. Based on the ‘Rookie Ranking’, it is the first time in 20 years since 2003 that a female group has exceeded 2 billion yen in sales (approximately KRW 18.2 billion) in sales.”

“Rookie Ranking”, established in 1969, determines rankings by adding up the sales amount of singles, albums, streaming, and music DVDs. Considering that LE SSERAFIM’s first solo tour, which attracted a total of 60,000 audiences in Japan alone, as well as various performances and advertising fees, were not counted, their overall achievements in Japan last year are expected to be greater.

Looking at LE SSERAFIM’s “Rookie Ranking” sales, music and albums were evenly loved in the following order: streaming (49%), single (31%), album (18%), and download (2%). Based on Oricon rankings, the title song of the 2nd mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” in April last year and the title song “FEARLESS” of the debut album in May each surpassed 100 million streams, and the title song of the 1st full-length album “UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile) Rodgers)” and the b-side song “Eve, Psyche and Bluebeard’s Wife” were also successful, reaching a cumulative number of views of 100 million within six months of release.

LE SSERAFIM also achieved good results in album sales. The Japanese debut single “FEARLESS”, released in January last year, broke the record for first place in Japanese debut albums (album sales per week based on release date) previously set by a K-pop girl group, and became the first debut single by an overseas female artist to reach 50. It shipped more than 10,000 copies and received ‘double platinum’ certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan. In addition, the first Korean full-length album “UNFORGIVEN”, released in May of last year, achieved a remarkable achievement by entering the Oricon weekly album rankings at #1 (as of May 15, 2023) and charting in the “Top 100” for 21 weeks.

Meanwhile, on the 31st of last month, LE SSERAFIM proved its solid popularity and influence by being invited to NHK’s “Red and White Year-End Song Festival”, Japan’s representative year-end special broadcast, which boasts an unrivaled presence in terms of viewer ratings and topicality, for two consecutive years.

In addition, the first English digital single “Perfect Night” was firmly placed at the top of local music charts even during the year-end and New Year holidays, raising expectations for LE SSERAFIM’s activities in the new year.


Author Nat.O
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