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Former T-ara Lee Areum’s reported suicide sparks concern and raises allegations of child abuse

Former T-ara Lee Areum’s reported suicide sparks concern and raises allegations of child abuse.

Former T-ARA’s Lee Areum he attempted an extreme action early in the morning and was subsequently transferred to a hospital for treatment. It was explained that Lee Areum left behind a message resembling a will before attempting the extreme action and is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital, but has not regained consciousness yet.

Lee Areum is currently in the process of divorce from her husband. She married a businessman two years her senior in 2019 and has two sons. Last December, she announced the sudden divorce news along with the presence of a new boyfriend. She explained that she plans to start anew with her boyfriend once the divorce proceedings are finalized.

Additionally, she claimed that her children were subjected to abuse during the divorce process. She stated, “It is said that urine was sprayed on the faces of the children. The younger one laughed as he didn’t understand, but the older one said he didn’t like it and felt bad, yet he was forced to watch it happen.” She further expressed, “It was heartbreaking to keep asking about it despite feeling unbearable. However, as I continued to listen, I realized it wasn’t discipline but something more heartbreaking.”

Recently, she also revealed the damages caused by malicious comments, shamans’ scams, and harassment through phone calls and messages. Lee Areum stated, “I am now certain and have reported to the police. They extorted money from my family, friends, and even acquaintances by fabricating evidence that doesn’t exist. I hope there will be no more victims.”

However, regarding the divorce proceedings and child abuse allegations, it should be noted that Lee Areum’s claims are unilateral, and some facts have yet to be confirmed. Therefore, hasty judgments or criticisms should be avoided as they could lead to serious defamation of her former husband.

Meanwhile, Lee Areum debuted as a member of T-ara in 2012 with the mini-album “DAY BY DAY” and recently appeared on the JTBC show “Sing Again 3.”


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