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Lee Byung-hun drew a line at the news of a new work that recently surfaced in the community

Lee Byung-hun drew a line at the news of a new work that recently surfaced in the community.

Lee Byung-hun‘s agency, BH Entertainment, said, “This year, Lee Byung-hun plans to pour everything he has into ‘Squid Game Season 2,’ unconditionally. We can’t realistically think about his next work.” Hee-kyung Noh said on Community, etc. Writer “I saw that he was appearing in a new work, but it was unfounded.”

In addition, he emphasized, “I have a long relationship with writer Noh Hee-kyung and I always support her. I heard through an article that she was preparing a new work. I haven’t heard anything at all. I haven’t even received a script.”

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Lee Dong-gyu, CEO of GTist, a production company that is preparing for Noh Hee-kyung’s start, also expressed his disapproval, saying, “It’s a work whose title hasn’t been decided yet,” and that “it’s a period drama set in the 60s and 70s, and the casting line-up hasn’t even started yet.”

Lee Byung-hun’s daily life is simple these days. His wife, actress Lee Min-jung, is spending as much time as possible with her family as she recently gave birth. Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung welcomed their second daughter in December last year after 10 years of marriage.

A close associate of Lee Byung-hun said, “These days, I’m completely absorbed in the fun of watching my daughter. I’ve minimized all my schedules. I’m concentrating on childcare, which is what everyone in the family wanted.”

The rest of daily life is all about the filming location of “Squid Game Season 2”. That’s right, in “Squid Game Season 2”, in addition to Lee Byung-hun, many other actors appear, and the amount of content is divided similarly, so other actors are also unable to decide on their next work or next schedule.

An official said, “As ‘Squid Game Season 1’ has received so much love around the world, the production team is paying a lot of attention. Also, the actors are more than before, so each portion is divided into parts. Be considerate of each schedule.”

Squid Game's Lee Byung-hun and his wife Lee Min-jung welcome second child -  Hindustan Times

Meanwhile, Lee Byung-hun was robbed when a police officer broke into his mansion in Los Angeles, USA.

On the 29th, American entertainment media outlet TMZ reported, “The LA home of Lee Byung-hun, the actor from the Netflix series ‘Squid Game,’ was robbed. They broke in through the sliding glass door and robbed the house.”

It is reported that this incident was discovered by an acquaintance who was looking after Lee Byung-hun’s home in the U.S. and reported it to the police. In response to this, Lee Byung-hun’s agency stated, “It is true that a thief broke into his home in the U.S., and he knew about it in advance through an acquaintance. Also, contrary to reports, there was no financial damage.”

Lee Byung-hun’s purchase of a second house in LA was due to his frequent overseas business trips and appearances in Hollywood productions.

Lee Byung-hun began his Hollywood career through the movie “GI Joe: Dawn of War” (2009). Afterwards, he solidified his position by appearing in “GI Joe 2” (2013), “Red: The Legend” (2013), “Miss Conduct” (2016), and “The Magnificent 7” (2016).

He not only attended the 88th Academy Awards in 2016 as an presenter, but also signed a contract with United Talent Agency (UTA), one of the top five agencies in the United States, in March 2017.

Afterwards, he purchased a second home in LA, USA in 2019. The purchase price of this house, located near Universal Studios, is known to be $2 million (about KRW 2.3 billion).


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