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Lee Chaemin will take on the lead role alongside NCT’s Jaehyun in the new drama “I Believe in You”

Lee Chaemin will take on the lead role alongside NCT’s Jaehyun in the new drama “I Believe in You.”

According to OSEN’s investigation on the morning of the 29th, Lee Chaemin positively reviewed the script for the new drama “I Believe in You” and has decided to appear in it.

In the drama, Lee Chaemin will portray the role of Yang Seojun, the leader of a group of high school bullies. He is characterized as a rich spoiled kid with good looks, a tall stature, and a sharp mind. However, he lacks empathy for sadness and pain, often tormenting his peers, until one day an unexpected event occurs when a bullied student enters Seojun’s home.

Earlier, through an exclusive report by OSEN, it was revealed that Jaehyun had been offered the role of Seo Il-nam, a victim of school violence from a poor family background. Jaehyun is also positively considering the offer. This drama is planned to be led by the two male protagonists, and viewers are looking forward to the synergy and chemistry between Lee Chaemin and Jaehyun, who will meet for the first time in this production.

Jaehyun from NCT 127: K-pop's social butterfly who's a favourite among fans and fellow artists alike | South China Morning Post

Planned as an 8-episode series, “I Believe in You” is a black comedy genre that deals with the awakening and growth of the weak against the strong. The production will be handled by Maes Entertainment, known for producing works such as the film “God of High School,” dramas like “Run On” and the “Misaeng” series, and the recent Netflix original series “Emergency Declaration.” Filming is set to begin in the first half of this year, with scheduling currently under discussion.

Meanwhile, Lee Chaemin made his debut in 2021 with the tvN drama “High Class” and has since appeared in works such as “Love All Play,” “Crash Course in Romance,” and “Please Don’t Date Him.” Additionally, he has been active as an MC for the KBS2 music program “Music Bank” for two years.


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