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Lee Da-hae ♥ Se7en – Actress Lee Da-hae and her husband Se7en revealed their affectionate daily life

On the 1st, Lee Da-hae posted on her social media account, “Went to Namhansanseong, had chicken stew with a glass of makgeolli, and when I soaked my feet in cold water, my mind cleared up. The heat is all gone, and now it’s not the time for us to part, it’s time for dinner again.”

She added, “Run diligently and eat dinner heartily, accompanied by today’s wine,” and posted several photos.

In the photos, Se7en can be seen holding Lee Da-hae in his arms with their pet dog, creating an affectionate atmosphere. The newlywed couple’s love-filled daily life captures attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae and Se7en, who have been in a relationship since 2015, got married in May and celebrated the fruition of their 8-year love.


Author Nat.O
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