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Lee Da-hae has ascended as the ‘Queen of My House’

Lee Da-hae has ascended as the ‘Queen of My House.’

On the 10th, Lee Da-hae shared a surprise gift for her husband, Se7en, saying, “Preparing 100 fruit and vegetable drinks and 100 homemade hot dogs for the team of the musical ‘Winter Wanderer,’ which Bennie (Se7en) is passionately (?) starring in, to celebrate the Lunar New Year!” Her gesture sparked admiration.

She expressed, “From making Bennie’s stickers to selecting ingredients for health, and packaging, I felt like I became the president of his fan club while preparing everything. I’m thankful and proud that everyone enjoyed the food.” She also shared a video containing the preparation process.

The video showed she personally making the drinks and hot dogs. Particularly, she showcased extraordinary hospitality by even preparing a cake with the number ‘7,’ symbolizing her husband Se7en.

Se7en wrapped his arms around Lee Da-hae, who personally delivered the food, expressing his gratitude. The heartwarming sight of the two looking at each other with sweet smiles, full of happiness, melted hearts.

she added, “I can never give up sausages, so I made everything vegan from the bread excluding sausages to the sauce, which made me more interested in vegan food and healthy eating. I hope everyone stays healthy and happy in the new year while enjoying good food. Thank you so much to the sisters who helped.”

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae tied the knot with Se7en last May after dating for 8 years.

SE7EN And Lee Da Hae Share Gorgeous Wedding Photos | Soompi


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