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Lee Do-hyun radiates dashing vibes decked in his military uniform during his military service

The recent status of actor Lee Do-hyun, who is currently serving in the Air Force, has been revealed.

On the 14th, a photo of actor Lee Do-hyun, who is serving in the military, was posted on weather caster Kang A-rang’s Instagram.

On that day, Kang A-rang shared a photo taken, saying, “Air Force. I met my school junior Dohyun!” In the photo, Lee Do-hyun had a short haircut and was wearing an Air Force uniform. Standing next to Kang A-rang, he smiled with one hand behind his back and the other hand outstretched, showing a bright smile.

Kang A-rang mentioned his lover, actress Lim Ji-yeon, who is publicly dating him, saying, “There should be Yeonjin (Lim Ji-yeon) next to me… But coincidentally, I’m really a weather caster. I’m happy to be doing various schedules with the Republic of Korea Air Force! I will repay you with good deeds!”

Lee Do-hyun, who enlisted on August 14th, is currently serving in the Republic of Korea Air Force Military Band, and is scheduled to be discharged on May 13, 2025. He has been in a public relationship with actress Lim Ji-yeon since April, and they appeared together in Netflix’s ‘The Glory.’


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