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Lee Do Hyun’s Transition: From “The Good Bad Mother” to Serving the Nation

Actor Lee Do-hyun shared his thoughts on his upcoming military service and being labeled as a trending actor.

During an interview following the conclusion of the JTBC drama ‘The Good Bad Mother’ on the June the 14th, Lee Do-hyun expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I’m usually critical of myself, but this time, I want to give myself a perfect score.”

In the drama, Lee Do-hyun portrayed ‘Choi Kang-ho,’ a seven-year-old mentally matured prosecutor. Kang-ho transformed from a cold-hearted prosecutor to an innocent child and gradually grew amidst various challenges. Regarding this, Lee Do-hyun stated, “I found the script interesting but challenging at the same time. I wanted to take on the challenge because I wanted to hear the phrase ‘It has to be me.'”

He further explained, “Although there are regrets, the work remains as something that changed my values in life. I’m glad that the outcome was good, but even if it wasn’t, it became a realization that there are new directions in my acting.”

Lee Do-hyun mentioned his upcoming military service scheduled for this year. He said, “Since I’m going anyway, I want to grow a lot during my service and come back.” He expressed curiosity about his potential transformation after the military service, saying, “There’s a saying called ‘military maturity.’ I’m curious to see if there will be any changes. I hope to become more manly and mature.”

He added, “I think men become more charming and mature after their thirties, so I have expectations for that. I will work hard to achieve that.”

Lee Do-hyun also candidly spoke about his girlfriend, Lim Ji-yeon, who he met and developed a romantic relationship with during their previous work, Netflix’s ‘The Glory.’ Regarding publicly dating, he said, “At first, it felt burdensome. I was worried that ‘The Good Bad Mother’ viewers might project my image onto the relationship.” However, he expressed gratitude, saying, “Many people have supported us, and I’m thankful for that.”

About his relationship with Lim Ji-yeon, he shared, “We are comfortable speaking with each other on a daily basis. We don’t have specific titles or nicknames; I simply call her ‘Ji-yeon.'”

Finally, Lee Do-hyun expressed his thoughts on establishing himself as a trending actor. He humbly stated, “As a person, there will come a time when you have to retire. I’m not someone who feels relieved about success. I believe that as long as you’re a person, you must climb different mountains and there will be a time to retire.”

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