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Lee Dong-gook: Family teasing and marriage advice on ‘Same Bed Different Dreams 2’

In an episode of SBS’s ‘Same Bed Different Dreams  2’, former football player Lee Dong-gook revealed that he was teased in his family’s group chat.

Lee Dong-gook, who has been married for 19 years, still plays the role of a marriage counselor to his junior colleagues in the football world. He mentioned that he advises them to get married quickly for a stable life that can help their football careers. He humorously shared that he met his wife at the age of 20, dated for 7 years, and got married, but he regrets not getting married at the age of 20.

He also confessed to being teased in the family group chat. Lee Dong-gook explained that he created a separate chat room for family communication, but he noticed that he was the only active member. He discovered that the rest of his family had made another chat room where they were actively chatting without him. Lee Dong-gook humorously mentioned that when everyone was together, they received a message in the group chat, but it didn’t come to him.

He further joked, “Si-an (his son) is the only one who plays with me. Since Si-an is the only boy among four sisters.” Comedian Seo Jang-hoon added humor to the situation by saying, “He will be tormented by his four sisters.”

Lee Dong-gook, who married Lee Soo-jin from Hawaii, Miss Korea 2005, has four daughters and one son.


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