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Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol captured the real-life romance of a long-term couple in Channel A’s “Between Him and Her”

Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol captured the real-life romance of a long-term couple through Channel A’s “Between Him and Her.”

An online production presentation for Channel A’s new Tuesday drama “Between Him and Her” was held on the 26th. Actors Lee Dong-hae, Lee Seol, Lim Jae-hyuk, Choi Won-myeong, Kim Hyun-mok, and Park Jeong-hwa attended the event.

“Between Him and Her” is a work based on the webtoon of the same name, which ranked first in Naver Webtoon ratings. It tells the relatable love story of young people wandering in love and boredom, who encounter each other next to someone of the opposite sex in front of a motel elevator on the night of the 7th year since they met.

Writer Park Sang-min and director Lee Yu-yeon stimulate viewers’ empathy by sharing not only the different love stories of three couples but also the numerous concerns that arise among young people.

Lee Dong-hae plays Jeong Hyun-seong, a fashion designer who pursues true fashion and has been in a relationship with Han Seong-ok for 7 years.

He said, “I received the script first and then came across the webtoon, and as soon as I saw it, I thought, ‘Huh? I’ll regret it if I don’t do this.'”

He continued, “After seeing the webtoon and the script, ’empathy’ was the most important point. I was able to get acquainted with the webtoon and the script. When I saw the situations, I thought it was a story that everyone has experienced and heard about at least once.”

Regarding the part that focuses on acting, he said, “(Hyunseong) is a character who designs fashion and promotes the fashion he pursues around the world.”

He added, “I actually like fashion, but I think there are some shortcomings, so I like Super Junior members and others. I asked my acquaintances for advice. I also watched fashion-related movies and looked for references.”

Lee Seol plays the role of Han Seong-ok, a talented jewelry designer and long-time lover of Jeong Hyun-seong.

She said, “I am a fan of the original work, so when I was offered the role, I said I would do it right away after hearing the title. The biggest advantage of this drama is that it has a lot of stories. I thought it would be realistic and fun because there are many different sides of the characters.”

Lee Dong-hae, who co-stars with Lee Seol in the drama as a couple in a long-term relationship of 7 years, said, “I was worried about how I could overcome boredom while in a long relationship. I tried to find a lot of answers in the script, and the most elaborate part was the many conversations with Lee Seol.”

“We talked on the phone even after filming was over, and we always ate together during meal times and shared our concerns. The filming period felt like 7 years.”

Lee Seol said about working with Lee Dong-hae, “Donghae is very sensitive. I liked the way he laughed and cried easily and was honest about his sensibilities. It was difficult for me to film a fresh scene as it was my first time trying this genre, but Dong-hae said, ‘Let’s spend a lot of time together.’ “Dong-hae was on a world tour, so he wasn’t in Korea very often, but whenever he did, we often made video calls and talked about the script a lot. So, over time, we were able to naturally become close friends.”

Lim Jae-hyuk, who played the role of Min-hyuk Oh, a Freeta who is not interested in employment, dating, or marriage, said, “I watched a webtoon while in the military, and I had broken up with my girlfriend at the time.”

He added, “Afterwards, I heard that ‘Between Him and Her’ was being made into a drama, so I really wanted to do it. As you said, I think it’s a story that everyone can experience at least once, so I think people who watch the drama will also enjoy it.”

Kim Hyun-mok played Jung Hyun-seong’s best friend Kim Hyeong-seop, and Park Jeong-hwa played Han Seong-ok’s best friend and sportswear model Ryu Eun-jeong.

First, Kim Hyun-mok jokingly said, “I have been preparing for my short stature since I was born for this role.”

He continued, “Hyeong-seop is the son of the owner of a dim sum franchise, and he has a lot of money, so he always pays the bill every time he sits down with his friends. But even on the actual filming set, I often pay because he thinks I’m the real Hyeong-seop.”

Lee Dong-hae said, “(Kim Hyun-mok) is really rich,” and Kim Hyun-mok responded, “Should I buy Channel A?”, making everyone laugh.

Park Jeong-hwa said, “I also looked into webtoons later after reading the script for ‘A Man and a Woman.’ I usually like the romance genre, but isn’t ‘Between Him and Her’ the number one romance in the webtoon world? There are so many fans of the original work around me that I didn’t have to worry and just ran with it. “I thought I should listen to it. I really liked my character so I really wanted to do it.”

Lastly, the actors agreed that “Between Him and Her” is an exciting work that anyone can relate to and that reminds them of past love.

Lee Dong-hae said, “It was Christmas yesterday, and it was cold today, so I hope you spend the holiday season at home with ‘Between Him and Her’. The actors and production team created a relatable and memorable work. We ask for your love and interest.”

Meanwhile, Channel A’s “Between Him and Her” will premiere at 10:30 pm (KST) on the 26th.


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